3 Delicious Lettuce Wraps You’ll Want to Taste

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3 Delicious Lettuce Wraps You’ll Want to Taste

Some days it sounds good to have something quick and light for a meal. Whether lunch or dinner, these three recipes are sure to satisfy. Bacon, chicken, and shrimp are featured, each with a distinctive flavor.

It’s easy to have the ingredients on hand, ready to mix up and spoon into a lettuce wrap. Next time you are cooking up some bacon, slice up a few pieces and cook up the bite sized bits. Frozen cooked shrimp makes the shrimp wrap a cinch to have ready in ten minutes.

Are you looking for a use for bits of leftover chicken? Every time I get a rotisserie chicken from the store, I end up with a little ziplock left. I stash them in the freezer, trying to decide what to do with it. A chicken salad, in a wrap, is a perfect solution.

You can find each of the three recipes here

Vegetarian? The spinach, tomato, avocado wrap is delicious even without the bacon! or substitute vegetarian bacon instead. Avocado and tomato belong together in my opinion. Try lemon juice instead of salt for a slightly different taste.

You might notice that two of the recipes include my favorite spinach as well. I don’t know why I didn’t add it to the Shrimp Cocktail wrap. It would be excellent there too. A wrap is such an easy way to add spinach—the super nutritious vegetable—to whatever you are fixing.

Give these a try when you get a chance. Coming soon will be an assortment of warm lettuce wraps for the chilly winter.

You might recognize the Chicken Salad from another recipe included here on Jaquo. You can see it here: How to Lighten Up a Chicken Salad .




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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. Avi adds such a lovely taste doesn’t it? Just like it a BLT. I’d like one of these right now. Thank you so much for your comments Sherry

  2. Nom Nom, I love the avocadoes in the salad, I love that chicken as well! Great recipes Jackie!

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