A Review of “Hidden Order,” by Brad Thor

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Book 12 in The Scot Harvath Series

The Federal Reserve is in the spotlight in Brad Thor’s exciting novel, Hidden Order.  The twelfth in the Scot Harvath series is a heart pounding thriller while at the same time being a thoughtful examination of how power can be exerted over a nation.

In an interview with Lou Dobbs, Brad said this particular book was a twelve year process.  As the author says, when he began learning about the Federal Reserve while vacationing on Jekkyl Island, what he found read much like a spy novel.

It was almost a necessity to base one of his suspense thrillers on the reserve. The complicated past, the secretive nature, its current impact, all took time to discover and process.  And a thriller the book is, filled with misdirection, kidnapping, murder, hidden agendas within hidden agendas and so much more.

The Federal Reserve

Do you know much about the Federal Reserve?  You will surely learn more reading Hidden Order.  Formed in utmost secrecy over one hundred years ago, did you know it is NOT a part of the federal government?

So much of the information that Mr. Thor discovered about the Federal Reserve is woven into Hidden Order.  The history of how it was created, with a select number of wealthy men secretly meeting to design and implement a central bank.

Included are facts–such as how the dollar is over 90% devalued since the Reserve was formed 100 years ago. Is that considered effective?  Even its name was assigned to give the impression of being an arm of the government, especially after two prior central banks had been shut down.

The Story

When the chairman of the Federal Reserve dies suddenly of a heart attack, there is a very short list of secret names, known to few,  provided to the President.  In one night, those five people, scattered around the country, go missing.

At nearly the same time,  a Jordanian official meets with agent, Lydia Ryan, with a threat of his own.  He suspects some within the United States are planning to topple Jordan.  To add pressure to his concern, he speaks of a coming terrorist attack on our country, unwilling to share the information until Agent Ryan determines why several rogue agents were in Jordan.

Next Scene:  Scot Harvath

Scot Harvath jets home after one major assignment to one still more urgent.  A mutilated body has been found on Jekkyl Island, the body of one name on the secret list.

Between Ryan seeking answers to who is out to destroy Jordan, and Scot Harvath investigating and searching for the missing Fed candidates, a race begins for answers.  All the while, trying to catch up to highly skilled sociopaths who are more than willing to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

The Hegelian Dialectic

Have you heard of it?  I hadn’t.  Reading this book you will be intrigued by it.  Mr. Thor manages to explain the Hegelian Dialectic clearly.  I admit after finishing the book, I was off to research more about the topic. It’s fascinating, cunning, and frightening to realize how easily it can be used to direct the populace.

“Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”

A group creates a problem knowing how people will react. Then they agitate the people to want change because of the problem.  People push for a solution, then the party behind it just happens to have one already.  They provides the answer. The people are so glad to have some kind of plan, they insist it be enacted, and end up worse version than before. Watch for it today in our society and government.

You won’t want to miss the authors descriptions included in the book.

The Author

Next up is the newest addition to the series, Code of Conduct, released July 14th, 2015.  It is the reason I read the last two so close together.  This author is a fine writer, his books so well crafted, his words to the point.  Every paragraph seems to matter as you turn each page.

More good news for fans, Brad Thor has announced the next book in the series is to be released early. Foreign Agent is already available for preorder on Amazon, scheduled for a June 14, 2016 release date. Excellent!

Listen to Brad’s interview with Lou Hobbs here:



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