A Review of “Rewinder,” by Brett Battles

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Another World or Another Time?

Since Brett Battles wrote this entertaining sci-fi novel, I should have known it would be a great read. It was very intriguing to consider.

It is a different time–or perhaps a different world– when life on earth is dramatically different. In this world, people are assigned or born into levels. Levels for work, education, the ability to advance. Few ever move out of their level, remaining to be scorned by levels above them.

One young man faces such a life, until he takes his final tests in school. In spite of his dreams to escape his level, he expects to end up at the same job where his father has worked. But his test scores propel him into an unknown future, totally unexpected and beyond what he could have imagined.

 A Rewinder

He is assigned to become a rewinder. In this society, a rewinder is a historian of sorts, verifying the past of people for a variety of reasons. Only now it isn’t done through library research, it is done by visiting the actual event, through time travel.

Denny Younger may excel, but there are forces who would have him fail. Things go wrong on a return trip. The question is, “Why?” Soon Denny may be completely on his own, with a decision to make between obedience and doing what is right. There are some thought provoking moments, some good surprises, and plenty of action to keep you up late at night.

It’s intriguing to consider the effects of time travel. Wisdom shows we should not interfere with happenings of the past. If we were there, could we stop ourselves? It’s impossible to know what effect it would cause in the future. Could only a few seconds be world changing?

A Series Begins

The book can easily be read as a stand alone, but there is now a second book in the series. I would start with Rewinder before you read the newest, Destroyer. Just released on January 12th, Brett Battle fans are sure to want it for their collection.

The author first came to my attention with his Jonathan Quinn series. The series begins with The Cleaner, a terrific novel. But it was the prequel I first read that drew me into the series. Becoming Quinn, the story of how Jonathan became a cleaner, was excellent.

If you haven’t read a book authored by Mr. Battles, you are in for a thrilling surprise.

In Audio

I listened to the audio version, produced by Audible Studios, and narrated by Vikas Adams. It’s a well done, easy listen that was very entertaining.

You can find it here to order or listen to a sample of the narration.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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