A Review of “The Lincoln Lawyer,” by Michael Connelly

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Mickey Haller is The Lincoln Lawyer.

If you know the name Harry Bosch, you are probably familiar with the works of Michael Connelly. Harry (and Mr. Connelly) has a slew of loyal fans—deservedly so—who will follow him anywhere. That includes his series of novels as well as his current television series from Amazon Studios. I’ve long been a fan. The quiet, thoughtful detective is very hard to resist.

Because of that, I don’t know why it took so long for me to begin the Mickey Haller series. The Lincoln Lawyer is the first in the series. I finally read it and loved it! An incredible story, a very complex plot, and a crisis of belief all are so well put together.

It finally went to the top of my list with the release of Mr. Connelly’s latest, The Crossing, released November 3rd, 2015. Since this new novel features both Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller, it seemed fitting that I should know a little about Mickey.

Now the rest of the series is in my cart. The Brass Verdict, book two, is next.

Mickey Haller

Michael Haller is a defense attorney. Popular yet struggling, with two ex-wives who are both still part of his life, a daughter who needs more of his time, and a series of likely guilty criminals who are counting on him. He believes that every suspect deserves good representation, guilty or not.

While he is willing to cut corners and do what it takes to show the reasonable doubt that may free his clients, he still has his fears. One of the biggest is not recognizing an innocent client.

All of that is called into question when he is contacted to represent Louis Roulet. It is his chance for that big payoff; A wealthy client with a wealthy family standing behind him. Accused of attempted rape and attempted murder, it doesn’t look good for him. He was caught in the victims house after all.

As he prepares for the coming trial, Mickey begins to see behind the facade that guides the investigation. A suspenseful set up is in play, one that will give Mickey the opportunity to shine. Or, on the other hand, it might kill him. Who is behind it is not so easy to see, yet it may cost Mickey all he holds dear.

Great Choice for Audio

Did I say it was complicated? It is wonderfully so. Be sure to pay attention throughout the story. It is a page turner, no doubt. I listened to the audio version personally, which was a good choice. I didn’t have to stop reading until finished. The story ran errands with me, cooked a thanksgiving feast, and kept me company on a walk besides.

If you haven’t read this, do! Now I intend to watch the movie, to see how closely it follows.

This series does crossover occasionally to feature both Mickey and Harry. In the next book, The Brass Verdict, I believe it will be the first time that happened.

It is another great series from this bestselling author. No matter what Mr. Connelly writes, he always creates a twisting story with each well crafted lead and clue tucked carefully within. You won’t want to miss a single one. Follow the very detailed path he sets out for you.  You will find a tightly woven story that is difficult to put down.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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