A Review of The “Rock Chick” Series, by Kristen Ashley

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If you are looking for a very contemporary, funny, yet suspenseful book series, give the Rock Chick series a try.  I did and was so glad I did.

The series is written by Kristen Ashley, who has written many other books to her credit, mostly in the romance genre.  This was the first I’ve read by her, but it won’t be the last.  I laughed through a lot of the story, the humor and dialogue were well done.   It had enough mystery, suspense and action to be very entertaining.

What is a Rock Chick?

In this particular case, starting with India Savage, a rock chick may now be in her 30’s, but loved and still loves rock.  You will hear it in the music she picks for her moods, see it in the rock concert shirts she wears (only when appropriate, of course), and assume it from her attitude.   So far the rock chicks are self sufficient, intelligent, and very capable.  Will they continue in the same vein?  We’ll have to see as we read through their stories. You can read the review of the first in the series, Rock Chick, here.

Who’s Who in Rock Chick Land?

Among the featured characters you will find India (Indy Savage), her best friend Ally Nightingale, and  Ally’s brother, Lee Nightingale who owns and operates his own private investigation company.  Then there is Ally’s other brother, Hank, a cop.  Both the Savage and Nightingale families appear often since the families have been best friends forever.

Lee’s company provides plenty of hot guys that may or may not be stars in their own book to come. Then of course, Indy’s employees at her book store/coffee house provide plenty of variety and entertainment too.  Each character in the first book has been a pleasure to get to know.  It just you that you should never judge a person before you get to know them!

There is bad language and sexual scenes, but if you don’t mind that, you will have a very entertaining series to read and enjoy.  A little bit mystery, a little suspense, a fun romance all while taking down bad guys with flare.

The Series List

The first book in the series, simply titled Rock Chick, was written in 2008, the latest in the series published in August of 2013.  I believe Rock Chick Revolution, book eight in the series is to be the last of the Rock Chicks, unless Ms. Ashley is persuaded to add to the series later.

  1. Rock Chick
  2. Rock Chick Rescue
  3. Rock Chick Redemption
  4. Rock Chick Renegade
  5. Rock Chick Revenge
  6. Rock Chick Reckoning
  7. Rock Chick Regret
  8. Rock Chick Revolution

Give one a try and see what you think.  Its popularity is the reason I decided to read it.  It was a good decision.



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