A Room Fit for a King or a Queen

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A Room Fit for a King or a Queen

Royal Blue is one of my favorite colors. Growing up, my mother always had some part of our home décor as Royal Blue. At different times through my childhood it could have been a Royal Blue carpet, or curtains, or a Royal Blue sofa.


Whatever the decor was, my mother added a touch of Royal Blue somewhere in the house, and she was a true master at color coordinating. It was obvious that this was my mother’s favorite color.

Think about a small bedroom in your house that needs a makeover, or maybe you have a young adult in college. So get busy and decorate a bedroom or a dorm room, fit for a king or a queen.

Where did the color Royal Blue come from? How did this deep rich color get its name?

The color royal blue was invented in Rode Somerset a small village in England. The village was well known for its wool millwork, and in the 18th century one of the mills created a dress for Queen Charlotte using the dye and called it Royal Blue.

Royal Blue is an easy color to match, making it easy to pick out other accessories. This is surely something my mother would have picked out and loved.

Fall off into a deep sleep and energize yourself for tomorrow’s activities on this Royal Blue bed in a bag. This bed in a bag is a perfect choice for the college dorm or small room in your home.

This Desk Organizer with Speaker and Lamp will add just the right touch to your desk top or night stand. So when it’s time to study or curl up with a good book, you can turn off the music and turn on the light.


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