Gift Ideas: Fun Activities for Kids without Electronics

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Today television and social media play a huge role with kids learning, but sometimes you don’t want your kids sitting in front of the television or have their faces buried in the latest electronic games all day long. There seems to be some mixed reviews about television, video games, and social media .My personal opinion is I believe that there are a lot of educational programs and video games for kids, and they can learn very quickly from an early age from these.

We have two grandsons that live close by, and they spend a lot of time at our house. We like to involve them in other activities besides television and video games. These are some of the fun activities that we do with our grandchildren and we have loads of fun doing them. You may have many others, because there are so many fun activities to keep kids busy.

Card Games:

Our oldest grandson loves to play cards, we sometimes spend hours playing. One of his favorite games is a simple game of War, and of course he always likes to win. While we are playing cards, we’ll get some blank paper and washable markers for our younger grandson to keep him busy. We also like to play Old Maids, Uno, Crazy 8’s, and Skip Bo; the list goes on and on. So if want to take a break from the television or video games breakout the cards and have some fun.

Lego Building Sets: Let the kid’s imaginations run wild with the possibilities of Lego. Our grandson will spend hours building and creating with Lego building sets. Our local library has a Lego Club, once a week for an hour and it is free, the kids get to build whatever they want to for an hour and get to show their creation at the end. Lego sets can be for toddlers all the way to adults, I enjoy building some myself.
Books: Have plenty of books on hand for those rainy days. The possibilities are endless with books, from reading to infants and toddlers to having your kids read to you. Now this is where electronics is not such a bad idea, because there are online games for kids to teach them how to read. Here is a link to one site that I found.  Books are wonderful gifts for any age. It really is a wonderful feeling to watch our grandson sit down and read his favorite books.


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. Thanks for the great list! I love the idea of a kids magazine subscription for my Miss 9 she would also love getting a parcel in the mail each month, so it would be a joy in many ways for her!

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  2. It’s good to think that kids still love real toys and books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Lovely collection here.

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    • I agree Lorelei we still have a lot of fun playing Uno. When it’s just my wife and I playing, she always seems to win!! Thanks for stopping by.

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    • Thanks Olivia, Many hours of fun with these games. Thanks for stopping by.

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