Alphabet Posters for Kids

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Alphabet Posters for Kids.

Kids like color, coloring, and fun. Keeping that in mind, I have selectively chosen the following alphabet posters – keeping your kids in mind.

Any of these can be used as a stand-alone activity, with the parent/teacher reading the chart to the child; and they can also be used in coordination with reading a short story, and finding a particular letter or word on the chart that sounds like a word in the story.

This first choice is also recommended by teachers, as it comes from Teacher Created Resources. If you notice, they are colorful, have simple pictures, and have both upper and lower case letters.

For a more fun selection, I’ve chosen this cute animated illustration. It features the types of animal drawings that children will be more likely to see in books for children.


For a coloring activity,I recommend giving them a chart that they can color in the letters and the illustrations. By coloring in each letter and drawing, the child is spending more focused time on a particular letter. It can be a fun reinforcement activity for learning the alphabet.

; Coloring Alphabet Chart to Color Poster
Coloring Alphabet Chart to Color Poster by Cherylsart
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Learning the alphabet is a good foundation for learning to read. Remember though that children are always learning, through play, observations, interacting, etc. So just relax and let them have fun with this. This kind of learning can be spread out over days, weeks, etc., and can then be referred to again and again during other reading activities.

An idea for a review game can be – I’m thinking of a word that starts with the letter b. Can you find the letter b or the word that starts with the /b/ sound on the chart?

I was glad that I had started some phonics activities with my daughter before she started preschool. The extra instruction and learning came in handy. One of her teachers had even commented about her knowing the word domestic, as in domestic cats. We got a chuckle out of that. It’s amazing what kids will pick up on.

For another fun reading activity to do with kids, check out – Have Your Child Dictate a Story.


Cheryl Paton is an artist with a positive attitude that is reflected in her work. She writes about various art subjects and techniques. She enjoys creating art to help celebrate special occasions and events. She also writes about her favorite music, movies and the products she uses and recommends. She is also a specialist in adult literacy and is a published author. See more of her articles here and her art here.


Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. I love these ideas. Children are so anxious to learn at that age. I can picture them sitting down to color, recognizing the animal, and saying the word. Takes me back!

    • Thank you for your comment Merry. I so agree with you. Coloring can make the learning activity more fun and enjoyable.

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