A Skip Hop Zoo Backpack is Great for Little Kids

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Little Kids need Little Backpacks.

11914979_f260My daughter is shorter than her classmates, which creates some unusual circumstances from time to time. For instance, when she was going to Kindergarten, she begged for a Jonas Brothers bookbag. (The band was still relevant at the time).

I was so excited for her to start school and pick out her own school supplies that I didn’t think to have her try it on. Well, she struggled with that backpack all year because it was simply too big for her.

A few months into the school year, I tried to buy her a new backpack and was disappointed to find that all the backpacks were pretty much the same size, which meant there wasn’t a smaller option for my teeny, tiny Kindergartener.

Thankfully, Skip Hop Zoo has created a line of adorable backpacks that are meant specifically for little kids. In this lens, I have highlighted some of the adorable creations from this practical line of school products for you to enjoy.

Who is Skip Hop Zoo?

Learn more about this Innovative Company and What they Do!

Skip Hop Zoo was created by Ellen and Michael Diamant in 2003. When the company was created the duo were brand new, busy parents who created Skip Hop Zoo after searching for a high-quality, functional, yet attractive diaper bag and not being able to find exactly what they wanted.

Today, Skip Hop Zoo is recognized all around the world and has a reputation of creating, innovative, organizational, high-quality products. While the company is best known for creating baby products such as diaper bags, Skip Hop Zoo also has a line of backpacks that are made with little people in mind. In fact, in my opinion, Skip Hop Zoo make great backpacks for little kids.

In addition to backpacks and lunch bags, Skip Hop also makes Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage.

Just like the baby products that Skip Hop Zoo has created their backpacks are also created with boy, girl, and unisex themes. As a mom of a little girl, I am pretty hip on what is acceptable for most little girls. Below, I have chosen my favorite Skip Hop Zoo backpacks for little girls.



If your kid is like mine, you probably want to buy a lunch bag that complements the backpack. Usually, my daughter has to have a matching set. The folks at Skip Hop Zoo obviously understands this unique desire and have created a line of quality, insulated lunch bags, which they call, zoo lunchies, to match their adorable little backpacks. Since I have already established that there is a matching lunch bag for every zoo backpack, I have included lunch bag variations for animals not already featured in the lens. But, rest assured, whether you find the animal you like in backpack or lunch bag form, you will be able to find a match to create the perfect set.


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