Bean recipes for all year round

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Bean recipes for all year round

January 6th is National Bean Day but here at JAQUO we love to use this wonderful, inexpensive and nutritious ingredient all year round. Here’s a selection of our favorites.




White Bean Chili, Vegetarian with Soy Crumbles







Ham and Bean Soup for Dinner Tonight







Easy Chunky Vegetarian Chili Recipe






Bean Burritos with Cauliflower: You won’t know it’s there







Spinach and White Bean Soup







Chili Stew Spices Up the Winter Appetite







Boston Bake: A recipe to use up leftovers







Fifteen Beans in a Soup





Mohammed Ali’s favourite knockout pie

 From around the web:

Healthy Vegetable Soup with Cannellini Beans



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  1. What a terrible day that must have been. To think how quickly it can happen. Yet it is striking always to see people gain strength to push through it, to rebuild, to help others. The human spirit at work. So interesting to read.

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