Fifteen Beans in a Soup

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Fifteen Beans in a Soup

Did you know that bean soup is a standard on the menu in the House restaurant in Washington, DC? It has been since 1904.

Speaker Joe Cannon of Illinois directed that it be served every day. He was displeased by it’s absence from the menu on the one day bean soup was not served. Too bad his pleasure wasn’t Tiramisu cake.

This disgruntlement over bean soup has made it a tradition at the Capitol. Read more about it in Soup of the Day, on They’ve included the recipe for this specialty in the article.

I don’t eat pork, so my first change to their recipe would be to use beef neck bones instead of ham hocks (or turkey ham). Onion and garlic are a must in bean soup as well. I enjoy the savory aroma as it fills the house when I’m home.

When making bean soup, use 15 Bean Soup by Hursts Hambeens. Be sure to discard the flavor packet. Then I include an assortment of vegetables, depending on what I have on hand, and meat. Onion and garlic is always a must however.

Aside from the soak time, beans can take a miserably long time to cook. Now, I set them to cook in the morning before I leave for work and they’re done when I get in. There’s no need to stir them periodically or check to make sure they’ve not burned. I cook them in my WonderBag.

Please visit, Wonderbag Recipe: 15 Bean Soup, for my recipe for bean soup.




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