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Keep your cosmetics and make-up easy to use when you’re on the go.

2015-09-13_1815Thanks to a professional make-up artist, I have recently discovered the Lay-n-Go Cosmo make-up bag and I don’t know how I managed without it,especially when travelling or out and about.

You can see straight away from the photograph on the right one huge advantage. It works on the principle of a drawstring bag.

When you’re in a public bathroom, this ingenious bag forms its own mat where all your cosmetics are visible and easy to find. Your lipstick won’t roll off (into a wet sink, is what invariably happened to me) because of the lip around the perimeter. When you’re done, just scoop the bag together with the drawstring-like fastener.

Another huge advantage is that unlike my previous – and less than satisfactory – cosmetic bags, the Lay-n-Go can be thrown into the washing machine. But what I really love is — no more rummaging! I just open up the bag and everything is right there in plain sight.

In my cosmetic bag, I sometimes¬†have a three-quarter-used eyebrow pencil. That’s about an inch and a half long and hard to find in the more traditional make-up bag. The concealer I use is in a small round container – not much bigger than the quarter – and now with the Lay-n-Go that’s easy to find too. Plus, I usually have a pair or earrings in there too. Everything is so easy to locate now.

There’s also a convenient zippered pouch which is a useful place to keep your rings or other jewellery. As someone who has lost several rings by removing them,and forgetting them, in public bathrooms that’s another bonus. (And as the lady who designed the product says,it’s also a discreet place to keep items of a feminine hygiene nature).

The bag is big enough to hold small bottles of moisturiser and shampoo etc. and that too makes it great for travelling. Plus, because the bag isn’t rigid, it’s easy to pack it in your carry-on bag or suitcase.

It’s available in a variety of colours and there’s also a smaller version which is great for daily use. You can see more and place an order from Amazon. See more in the video below.


Jackie Jackson, also known online as BritFlorida, is a highly experienced designer and writer. British born and now living in the USA, she specialises in lifestyle issues, design and quirky stories. You can see a wide range of articles here, or visit her website Tastes Magazine. See The Writer’s Door for more information.

Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. This is such a clever idea! So much easier to have them all there in sight, then be able to gather them back up again. Going on the Christmas list!

    • So clever and yet so simple too, isn’t it? It’s a great idea for a gift.

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