Best Halloween Parties Ever

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Best Halloween Parties Ever.

Fall is upon us. The air turns cooler and the leaves will be beautiful vibrant colors. The views will be breathtaking as always. This all means one thing, Halloween is around the corner. This is a fun time of year for kids and adults alike.

I found that as I got older some of the excitement of this wonderful holiday has worn off. My son Sammy and his wife Tricia bring back all of the excitement that I’ve seemed to have lost over the years with their spectacular Halloween parties.

sammy and tricia3
Halloween parties are so much fun, you have to plan, then decorate, carve some pumpkins, and I even have an idea here for near homemade costume.

Now pumpkins are a Halloween staple. You have to have pumpkins. There are many design templates available to choose from to carve your pumpkin, or you can carve your pumpkin free hand to make your own design.

Sammy went to culinary school so he is pretty darn good with a knife.

carved pumpkins (1)


Don’t forget when cleaning out your pumpkins to save the seeds. I love pumpkin seeds. Every year we save the seeds and roast them. Here is how we do it:

1. Wash and clean the seeds in cold water
2. Spread them out on a cookie sheet or tin foil till they dry
3. Lightly spray them with cooking oil (This is optional)
4. Salt them and bake in the oven for at 250 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes

Now you have some roasted Pumpkin Seeds one of my seasonal favorites. Option: If you would rather have sweet pumpkin seeds, eliminate the salt and use sugar and cinnamon.

Make your own Costume – The Cereal Killer

serial killer costumeI can’t remember what year it was but my daughter made this costume for me. This was fun and easy to make, the cereal killer costume. Here is how we did it: 1. You need to buy a package of those small boxes of cereal 2. Find a white shirt or any shirt that you are not going to wear any more 3. You will also need some plastic knives and a tube of fake blood. 4. Now don’t forget to save the boxes after you eat the cereal. 5. Cut a small slit into the box, insert and hot glue the plastic knife to the box 6. Now hot glue the boxes to the front and back of the shirt. 7. Drip some fake blood on the boxes and down the shirt. Now wear the shirt to your party and you are a cereal killer. You’ll be surprised at the response, some people get it as soon as they see you and others will ask what are you dressed as? Although my favorite costume was this one, you can read all about it here. Why not get into the Halloween spirit, and have some fun. Start planning your party now.


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  1. The cereal killer is a good idea, though I think I’d add dried up cereal around the boxes in lieu of the fake blood.

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    • Hi Cheryl, Wow what a great idea!! never thought of that!! Thanks 🙂

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