Bing Crosby

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Who doesn’t remember that one voice in a lifetime Bing Crosby? If you are too young to remember, or think that you have never heard him sing, think again. If you have listened to any radio station around the holidays then you have probably heard his voice.

The famous song “White Christmas” is played over and over again during the Holiday season. Written by Irving Berlin “White Christmas” was the biggest hit of Bing Crosby’s career. In 1954 the movie White Christmas was released, and still remains a favorite today. I never miss watching this movie every year, as it became a tradition in our family while I was growing up.

Bing Crosby

Solo vocalist, radio, big screen, and television Bing Crosby did it all, and did well. Crosby was voted by Yank magazine as the person who had done the most for the GI’s during World War II. I really would have thought that would have been Bob Hope.

Take a minute to listen to this amazing voice:

Some other interesting facts about Bing Crosby:

  • Born: May 3, 1903 (Harry Lillis Crosby Jr.) nicknamed Bingo by his neighbor in 1910, later the O was dropped and the nickname Bing stuck.
  • He was among one of the first singers to use the microphone.
  • Bing invested in a company called Ampex; the company built the first reel-to-reel tape recorder in North America.
  • He was the first to pre-record his own radio show.
  • In 1946 he became part owner of my favorite baseball team the Pittsburgh Pirates. He taped the famous 1960 World Series; this tape was found in his wine cellar in 2009.
  • Bing was an avid hunter and fisherman, and was known to be an expert fly fisherman.
  • He also owned a cattle ranch in Elko Nevada where he was the honorary Mayor.
  • A fan of horse racing, he owned his own stables, and his horse Ligaroti raced against Seabiscuit in 1948.

I must have been too young to have had any of this, but there was a Bing Crosby Ice Cream. Maybe I did have it when I was a little one and just don’t remember.

Every time I hear his voice now it brings back memories of my childhood. Maybe that is why I have come to appreciate his voice.


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