Book Review: A Case of Redemption

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Book Review: A Case of Redemption

A Case of Redemption, the second novel written by Adam Mitzner, has received rave reviews.  The author was new to me, but I finally had to read it to see what all the talk was about. It was very good! Mr. Mitzner is being compared to Scott Turow and John Grisham–so you can see he is already quite popular.

In this story, a young woman approaches Dan Sorenson to defend a rapper accused of killing his girlfriend. A high powered attorney, Dan’s been on leave for some time, unable to cope after the tragic loss of his family. He is not at all interested in taking on any case. When he is finally convinced, and does take on the defense, he is thwarted every direction they turn.

Will this be the case to bring him back, to pull him out of his sorrow?

In the cast of characters, we find…

  • An attorney who has dropped out, attempting to recover from the terrible death of his wife and child.
  • A woman attorney who convinces him he is needed for this trial, and who will partner with him if he’ll take the case.
  • A rap star rapping about killing with a baseball bat.
  • A murdered girlfriend, killed with a blunt object such as a baseball bat.
  • An outraged media convinced of his guilt.
  • An outrageous and totally unlikable judge.

Now add in Dan’s employer–the large, successful law firm with their own interest in the case, the musician’s agent and his personal agenda, and a hired killer.

In the past he couldn’t have cared less if his client is guilty or innocent, but Dan actually might believe the innocent claim this time. Guilty or not, the attorney is doing his best. Every time they get a tip it leads to a dead end. Or it disappears. Or their new lead is killed. Someone seems to stay one step ahead of them. If someone is framing his client, they’ve gone to elaborate and deadly measures to do it.

It’s hard to know if anyone is telling the truth. Especially when even his client keeps lying to him. Then comes the question: Is there any secret worth life in prison?

Excellent Drama, In and Out of Court

The well written plot makes for a great read. There is plenty of tension, plenty of mystery. Lots of time in the courtroom. Even a developing relationship with his new partner. The author fits in twists that kept me guessing where the story would end.

Adam Mitzner’s highly acclaimed first novel, A Conflict of Interest has received over 2000 reviews on Audible alone, with a 3.8 out of 5 rating. His third novel, Losing Faith was released in April, 2015. It was another great read.  You can read my review of Losing Faith here.

Click here if you would like to read our interview with Mr. Mitzner, soon after the publication of Losing Faith.  You will also enjoy reading the guest post he wrote for us here,  The Likable Protagonist.







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