Book Review: Blast from the Past, by Lauren Carr

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A woman is killed when she falls down the stairs. Men die writhing, in a little coffee shop.  Death may not be that unusual these days in Deep Creek Lake, but then someone tries to kill Archie, the woman Mac Faraday loves.

When she tells Mac the reason behind it and her secret is exposed, Mac and the entire police department will go to extremes to keep Archie safe.

That raises rather a lot of questions:

  • Who exactly are they protecting her from?
  • Could it be warring crime lords? Hit men?
  • Why does one particular couple keep showing up around town?
  • Just how many killers are there, anyway?
  • Is anyone who they say they are?

Gnarly plays a much bigger—and more effective–role this time round, and he is showing off his training whether he means to or not.  From taking down bad guys—he seriously knows how to do that– to protecting a little girl staying at Mac’s.  Not to mention that for a dog, he is a surprisingly good confidante when the right little person needs to talk.

Once again, we have a lot of suspects!  When they start dying too, the field thins, but then so do the motives.

Even when the witness protection service and the FBI get involved, it will still take Mac’s intelligence, deductive reasoning,  and years of experience to figure out who is responsible for what.  Can he keep Archie safe while he does it?

Lauren Carr and Her Series

Blast From The Past is the 4th book in the Mac Faraday series from Lauren Carr.  As usual, she has incorporated a variety of suspects with even more motives, all in the small town of Deep Creek Lake at the same time.

It is fascinating how she will have many pieces of the story that all come together to a surprising conclusion.  It’s something I have come to look forward to in each of her books.   It’s a treat to find the trail I was following leading to something totally unexpected.

If you would like to know more about Lauren Carr, she has about two more weeks left in her Virtual Book Tour for her latest novel, Three Days to Forever. You can check out the tour schedule here at Pump Up Your Book.   Interviews, guest blogs, and more.  Every one has been very interesting.  It was a pleasure for me to interview her as well.  You can read our interview here. 

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Here’s Lauren Carr’s latest novel… Three Days to Forever


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