Book Review: Carry Me Home, by Rosalind James

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Romantic Suspense in Paradise, Idaho

Rosalind James is back in a romantic suspense novel that is indeed a thriller.

A man, recently divorced, uncertain if he can trust again. A teacher with goals to reach the Ivy league.  Is there any chance the two of them can overcome all that separates them?  First goal is to stay alive.

On a college campus a newly hired professor, Zoey Santangelo, discovers a small town isn’t always safer than a big city.

A young college student is followed for miles. Soon after a man breaks into her apt, she is certain to rape or kill her.  Yet the school seems to think little of it, downplaying it. Why would they do that?   Not so professor Santangelo. She believes the student and will do everything she can to protect her.  As she seeks answers and interest, the stalker turns his focus on her.

Cal Jackson. a local farmer in town, first meets Zoey when he tows her car out of a ditch. He is drawn to her, but he has  secrets of his own.  Soon the two of them will be racing to stay ahead of the killer before he strikes once again.

A small town in Idaho, the cold, the connections all blend to bring this well done mystery to an exciting conclusion.  How many others may been stalked?  Attacked?  Is the campus safe?


It’s a tense story.  The author is very effective at describing the stalking scenes as well as the break-ins.  Thankfully she also includes strong women who don’t freeze when danger is near. The characters are very likable, except of course, the bad guys.

The audio version made for a great listen narrated by a man and a woman, both very popular narrators.  Phil Gigante has a wonderful voice for romantic suspense, and Natalie Ross always does well.

Carry me Home is the first in the Paradise, Idaho series by Ms. James  Book two is Hold Me Close and number three, to be released May 17th, is entitled,  Turn Me Loose.  Realistic subjects, well portrayed characters, and a tightly written story make for a terrific read.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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