Book Review; Contract to Kill, by Andrew Peterson

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Already a #1 Bestseller

Nathan McBride, accompanied by Harvey Fontana, return in the latest novel from Andrew Peterson.  The fifth in the series doesn’t disappoint.  I enjoyed the story of this one immensely.  In less than ten days, it has already become the number one bestseller in crime action fiction!

The entire series is so entertaining. For me, it is a sure thing, and an automatic order.  Nathan and Harv are an experienced team, working together very well. So well that Harv has veto power if he thinks Nathan is wrong in his plan.  The former Marine sniper and spotter (Harvey), have gone from the Marines, to the CIA, to running their own security company. With that background you know they will be sharp and effective.

Added to their long connection, you have appearances from Senator Stone, Nathan’s father.  It can come in quite handy to have a senator you can call at times. Then there is FBI agent Holly Simpson. After working together in the past they have begun a relationship. That relationship becomes even more tentative when severely tested by events in this story.

A fellow marine, Toby Haynes, witnesses a murder. Panicked, with no one else to turn to, he calls Nathan McBride. Before the long night is over, some will be dead.  The rest will be racing through San Diego toward the hospital.

Bad enough the suspected murderer is Toby’s boss.  He is also a civilian contractor, involved in a government sponsored assignment.  Their search for the truth throws them into the middle of a secret assignment involving hostile forces from several nations, smuggling, and much more.

It is a very fast moving story that goes from one close call to another. It doesn’t stop! People, good and bad, die in Mr. Peterson’s books, so you can’t be sure who will survive the night, let alone the entire book. There are many opportunities since trouble constantly comes their way.

There is violence in the book but that comes with the thriller genre usually. There are also scenes that will make you smile, even in the middle of scarier moments.

Even the way they consider a plan of action is interesting. Their training and skills shine, often bringing to light morsels of information you may remember later in the story. The author handles all the different players and pieces, bringing them together in a complex, well laid out plot.  Pure excitement and entertainment.

It also gives one pause to think, which isn’t an easy thing to accomplish in such a fast paced story.  You have a good soldier, a hero we are proud of, who then takes a step beyond the line.  Once that line grows blurry, one wrong choice often leads to a dozen others.  It is hard to see the results when one takes that fall.

Try the Audio Version

Check out a sample of the audio book below, courtesy of Audible.  It is so easy to listen to the book, right through their app, on your smart phone or your iPod.

You will find it easy to get wrapped up in the story. If you are like me, you will find ways to keep listening until you finish it.

That’s good and bad, isn’t it? You can’t wait to get to the end but when you do you wish it weren’t over. That’s the sign of a terrific book!

First to Kill, Book One of the Nathan McBride Series


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Author: Merry Citarella

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  1. Merry, thank you for the stellar review. My audiobook editor at forwarded it to me. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed Nathan and Harv’s latest adventure. Cheers!

    • Thanks so much, Mr. Peterson. Loved it! You’ve written an excellent book, and Dick Hill is the perfect narrator. Great combination.

    • Not too exciting, Barbara. Just right! It’s so good and very fast moving.

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