Book Review: Deceived, by Brett Battles

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Book Review: Deceived, by Brett Battles

Have you read The Cleaner, by Brett Battles? The very successful first novel written by Mr. Battles introduced Jonathan Quinn as the “cleaner.” He isn’t into violence. He simply comes in afterward to clean the scene of the body and other evidence.

You can read a review of that first novel here.

In the second book of this fast moving series, Quinn is once again hired to make a body disappear. A shipping container has arrived in port in Los Angeles containing a body and nothing else–except for the numbers and letters written on the wall of the container, in blood.

Only this body, nearly unrecognizable, is that of Quinn’s good friend, Stephen Markoff.

He completes the job, but that is just the beginning. He is determined to learn who killed his friend and why, starting with his friend’s girlfriend, Jenny. But instead of Jenny, Quinn finds another family living in her home, almost expecting him, and Jenny is missing.

From then on people are after him. Jenny’s house explodes. Her boss–a politician–is hiding something. His security detail is trying to kill her. Everyone says she has taken a leave of absence. Everyone except Quinn and Jenny’s friend Tasha. Jenny is afraid to be found.

And every time he brings up the letters on the wall of the container, people are terrified. The leads take Quinn across the country, and to Singapore where the container began its journey.

It’s a fast moving, intriguing story that kept me plugged in to my earbuds! There is something so entertaining about a character that is so efficient at what he does. He has the mind, the skill, and the team, all capable of delving into the lives of those who might be responsible. Nathan, Quinn’s apprentice is back, as is Orlando, two of the few he can trust. He definitely needs their help in this one, when it is difficult to tell who is who.

I’m already off to look for book three.

I’m officially hooked.

The Deceived (Jonathan Quinn)



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