Book Review: Destiny, by Tom Lowe

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Could papers written hundreds of years ago hold the secret to conspiracies today?  Can one man uncover the truth?  You will want to find out!

Grab a copy of this exciting thriller written by Tom Lowe.  Mr. Lowe’s first stand alone novel is sure to be a hit.  The Audible version of Destiny was just released June 9, 2015.  The book version was first published in February 2015.

Once I started, it was very difficult to stop listening to this one!  It holds plenty of page turning suspense, and gives you much to consider.

Single Moments with centuries of Impact

  • A man buys an old trunk at auction in the 1930’s.  The trunk is filled with papers from hundred of years earlier.  After reading them, the man hides them away until his own death.
  • One rainy night, driving with his wife and daughter, Paul Marcus stops to help a man who appears to be changing a tire. The result, a horrible tragedy.
  • In Iran, two young peace corp workers are kidnapped, and accused of spying.
  • In a private mansion, the circle of thirteen gather together, preparing.

How they will intersect will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Story

In a complicated plot, Paul Marcus is asked to go to Israel.  Jacob Kogan of the Hebrew University is in need of his well known skill of deciphering codes. The task is to determine if there are codes hidden within the Bible.  Codes that may predict the future as well as clarify the past.

Paul isn’t interested until two things happen.  An old friend and colleague seeks his help in freeing her niece, one of the abducted peace corp workers.  Then Jacob Kogan tells him his name was found written in Newton’s papers.  Words written centuries ago.

I’m not sure what more you could want in this suspenseful story.  You have an impossible code to break, a hunt for a missing spear with a strange history, and hidden secrets that may point to long past conspiracies that would shock the nation.  Those conspiracies may reveal several accidents and assassinations were actually well executed events arranged by a few.

In the midst of it all, both Israel and Iran are after Paul, along with several officials in the United States government.   Who will help and who would rather kill becomes the urgent question.  With only a few people to trust even his narrow escapes seem suspect.  I still wonder who the fisherman was who pulled them from the river.

If you enjoy a good conspiracy, you will love the ones featured in Destiny!  What fun it was to follow the clues and consider the possibilities.  It made for a great adventure, both physically and mentally.

I enjoyed the main character, Paul, especially.  After the years of withdrawing, suffering from the tragedy, it was good to see him begin to care again, helping the odd character here and there, even those who meant him harm.  What brought about the change is another part of the mystery.

Excellent in Audio

I listened to the audio version of the book through Audible.  The narrator was new to me.  Mikael Naramore did an excellent job.  He handled the voice changes and accents well, and managed to keep the book moving at just the right pace.  In audio it ran 17 hours, 35 minutes, but the time went  so quickly.  I didn’t want to stop listening.

It is a book of fiction, so while there were a few parts that seemed a little unrealistic, the author gets the benefit of the doubt. None of them affected my enjoyment of this terrific book.  All in all the book did seem very real and very possible.  Just enough conspiracy to leave me smiling and considering.  If you are in the mood for an exciting adventure, this one has it all!  I would highly recommend it!

Listen to a sound clip of Destiny here:

A  False Dawn, The Sean O’Brien Series

Mr Lowe’s first novel was also the first in the Sean O’Brien series.  You can learn more about it here.


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