Book Review: Dying to Tell, by Rita Herron

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Suspense runs high is this solid mystery/romance from Rita Herron.  Dying to Tell is the first I’ve read by Rita Herron, but it won’t be the last.  It’s a complicated story with several intersecting plots.

Ten years ago, Sadie Nettleton left home suddenly, leaving behind the boy she loved, Jake Blackwood, and her family.  Her reasons have kept her away.  Now Sadie is grown up, used to taking care of herself, with a career as a forensic interviewer.  Now Jake is the sheriff, back in his home town.

When Sadie gets a call from home that her identical twin sister may be about to kill her grandfather, she rushes back.  By the time she reaches her hometown, her grandfather is dead, her sister, Amelia, found huddled in the same room holding the weapon.  It appears that Amelia’s delusions have taken hold of her.

Is Her Sister Delusional?

Sadie knows it is possible, yet she isn’t sure.  So she will use her professional skills to reach her sister. However being an identical twin creates problems sometimes. First they are often mistaken for each other.  Second, Sadie fears she too might suffer mental issues.

At the same time, Jake and Sadie still appear to be drawn to each other.  It’s natural that the Jake and Sadie would help each other.

Jake wants to wrap up the case.  Sadie needs to know details in order to question her sister.  It quickly becomes a question of what is real and what is not?  All the time Amelia claimed she was being hurt in the hospital, was she imagining it? The faces she sees?  Can you believe the voices within her?

When another patient at the hospital dies, it starts an investigation that leads far into the past of the mental institution.

Is it Tied to the Disappearance of Jake’s Father?

Jake, as sheriff, is searching for answers about his own missing father.  That disappearance put a wedge between Jake and his only brother.

It is an involved mystery complicated by relationships, mental illness, and too many secrets.  Too much has passed for it to be an easy road back for any of them.

When the truth surrounding it all comes out,  will it tear them apart, or bring Jake’s brother back?


Rita Herron is the author of several series besides this one.  Several of her latest are romantic suspense.  She also writes straight romance as well.  If you enjoy the Slaughter Creek series, you might also enjoy the new Seven Nights series.

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