Book Review: Indigo Slam, by Robert Crais

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Another Terrific Elvis Cole Detective Story

I was so sorry to have this book end. Indigo Slam features Robert Crais’ regular characters, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.

With each book in their series I grow to like them more and more. Whenever I start a new one I know I will enjoy their story. It’s like visiting good friends again. This was one of those books that I was was anxious to see what would happen at the end, but once there I wanted to go back and hang out awhile longer.

Elvis and Joe have such camaraderie. I often laugh out loud at the sarcastic remarks and interactions. You know they will always be there for each other, though Elvis seems to need a lot more of that than does Joe. After all, Joe is nearly invincible. The two are willing to bend the rules, but always want the truth. And they want what’s right, in this story more than ever. Even if right may be considered a little bit wrong.

In this particular novel, the seventh in the series, a teenage girl visits Elvis seeking his help in finding her father. She and her two younger siblings have been alone for eleven days. At first Elvis is more concerned about whether to call social services for the children than finding the missing father.

Soon after the three children convince him, he is attacked. If you know Elvis, you know that won’t get in his way, that just makes him more determined. And of course, friend and partner Joe Pike will have his back. Always a good thing.

The Story

Let’s see, in this book we have…

  • A missing father
  • Counterfeit money
  • A father in need of drugs
  • The Russian mobsters who wants the family dead
  • A father in need of cash
  • The girlfriend and her Ex
  • Joe Pike babysitting. Really?
  • A missing father—again.
  • The Vietnamese revolutionaries, Now what do they want?
  • A missing child
  • A kidnapping
  • And murder
  • And murder

Let’s not forget to add in the US marshals, the local police department, the FBI and the Treasury department as well.

You will have to read to see if Elvis and Joe can satisfy them all while protecting his clients. the 3 children, as well as doing what is best for them at the same time. He and Joe will need all their unique skills for this one!

I loved it. If you enjoy mysteries, you’ll enjoy Indigo Slam. If you like private detectives, you’ll really like Joe and Elvis.

Get to know them. See if you agree.

More Robert Crais Novels

Three other options! 

Suspect was my first and favorite of Mr. Crais’ novels, featuring a policeman named Scot and a German shepherd named Maggie. It’s still one of my top 10 favorite books. Very appealing with both wounded-in-action heroes.

In The Promise, due out later this year, Elvis and Joe apparently will connect with Scot and Maggie. That should be a fantastic and fun story.

The last book listed is the latest in the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series. It’s in my wish list right this minute.

Suspect, The First Book to Feature Scot and Maggie

My favorite by Mr. Crais and one I wish everyone would read so we could discuss it! If the dog doesn’t make you want to read, the mystery will. Both were well portrayed.    Click here for details

My Reviews of Suspect and The First Rule

If you’d like to read more about them…

Are you convinced yet to read one of Mr. Crais’ novels? If not, you might check out my reviews of Taken,  The First Rule or Suspect. If you’ve read any or all, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

Taken, the Latest in the Series

Taken, the last published in the series #15, is described as a thrill ride…While on an investigation, Cole himself disappears. It’s up to Joe to find him. Click here to order

The Promise, By Robert Crais, Coming in Fall of 2015 

The Promise,  Mr. Crais’ upcoming new book is scheduled for release in November of 2015.  Can’t wait for this one!  A definite preorder for me, especially since Elvis and Joe will connect with Scot and Maggie from Suspect. The four of them together should be such an exciting read.  You can Pre-order The Promise here

Hear from the Author, Robert Crais

It’s such a pleasure to listen to an author discuss his own books. Here are two videos interviewing Mr. Crais. Though Indigo Slam is an earlier book, the characters are as good then as now.

A Fun Interview with Robert Crais

Robert Crais’ Talks Joe Pike


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