Book Review : Jodi Picoult, Change of Heart

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Book Review : Jodi Picoult, Change of Heart

Anyone who has read or seen the movie My Sister’s Keeper, will remember the author Jodi Picoult. She has a way of making you look at things from a different perspective. Just when you thought all things that had two choices were simply Black and White choices, along come Jodi to shake you up.

Just as she did with My Sister’s Keeper, she has done so again with Change of Heart!

I started to read Change of Heart with a mind open to some different perspectives (something I learned to do when I read My Sister’s Keeper). But I was not ready for all the possibilities that this novel brought out.

We grow in our own world’s with a certain amount of judgement for right and wrong situations, and according to our beliefs, we make certain pronouncements about what we should or should not do in any situation.

Jodi, brings to life what happens when a man who is not so “well situated” in life, is given a chance to earn his keep. He’s a handyman hired by a family to do some work in the home. No one really knows him, but they need help and he is available. Not too long into his work relationship, things go terribly wrong, and a father and daughter are dead. The mother, does everything in her power to see that this “monster” of a person, who has been charged with the double murder, suffers and ultimately will die for what he has done.

downloadAfter all, what would you do in those circumstances?

Shay (the convicted) goes to prison for a long time, and is sitting on death row.

There are lives here that have been interwoven and as the story comes forth each of the main characters has to learn about themselves, their moral stand, their judgements and more.

This book started out as a fairly straight forward moral right and moral wrong and then the world was turned upside down.

I do believe that everyone should read this book, it just might make you open your eyes to a world of possibilities that you did not see staring right at you. It may also make you open your heart a little bit too!





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