Book Review: Kill Decision, by Daniel Suarez

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How much do you think a drone is capable of doing?

We see drones handling surveillance, cameras at work. We hear of drones being used for delivery of packages. You can see them filming ballgames.

Isn’t that just the beginning? If you go with the premise that often in society inventions used for good are also used for bad, think how many more uses drones might have.

That is the well demonstrated within the book Kill Decision, written by Daniel Suarez. In the book, the easily manufactured drones are constructed in quantity with varying destructive abilities.

When a myrmecologist–a scientist who studies ants—is nearly killed, the special ops team rescues her second before. Why would someone want to kill her? Her studies involve a particular type of ants. Ants that are able to fight as nearly one unit through some sort of connection.

As the drones carve a path toward their unknown purpose, they seem to operate on their own without anyone directing them. The scientist and the soldier must stay alive, learn how they operate, and find who is responsible for their creation. All before the drones achieve whatever goal they are pursuing. It won’t be easily done when you are being attacked en masse.

You can read my full review of Kill Decision here at Mystery Suspense Reviews. 

Futuristic, or maybe not?

The book is a fascinating, exciting tale that leave you wondering how possible it might be. It’s accepted that drones will be easy and relatively inexpensive to make. Those benefits will mean they are available to far more people for far more purposes than we see so far today. It isn’t that big a stretch to see them as capable of carrying and firing weapons, among other things.

The Author

Daniel Suarez, a former systems consultant, has worked for the defense industry in the past. He is well qualified to write how our increasing technology can be used in the very near future. His first novel, Daemon, was an amazing start to his new career as a writer.

Daemon, the story of one man’s ability to control and manipulate lives with the internet, was a bestseller. With over 7700 ratings/reviews on Audible and nearly 700 on Amazon, I had to read it. It’s fascinating!

The author shows how plausible his plots might be. It’s especially worthwhile reading when you realize how close we might be to seeing each of his plots happen.

Two Great Videos Featuring Author Daniel Suarez

Two videos on Kill Decision. Well, one is on the book.  The other is on drones! Very interesting. Does he write science fiction, or is it based more on reality than we would think?


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