Book Review: Nothing to Lose, by Lee Child

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Say hello to Jack Reacher

Are you a Jack Reacher fan? If so, you won’t want to miss Nothing to Lose, the 12th in the series by Lee Child. Actually, if you haven’t read the series, this one might get you hooked. Considered part of the mystery/suspense thriller genre, Mr. Child’s novels certainly hold my attention.

I started listening to the audiobook yesterday morning and ended up listening most of the day! I was glad to have the audio version so I could do some other things while I listened.

If you don’t know Jack Reacher, his stories each find him traveling from state to state, headed wherever. Formerly a Military Policeman, he has been wandering most of the years since he got out. His possessions consist of the clothes he is wearing at the moment, a toothbrush, the money in his pocket, and an ATM card.

Yet you don’t get the feeling he is a vagrant, more of an accidental troubleshooter. His military training has made him practically a one man army, as well as very knowledgeable in reading people.

Between Hope and Despair

Nothing to Lose has Reacher spending quite a lot of time between Hope and Despair, in this case two cities in Colorado, about 20 miles apart. And each name suits the city. Jack, heading to San Diego, travels into Hope, Colorado. Seeing a city named Despair, he can’t resist a little side trip to see the town with that name. He arrives only to be thrown out of town as a vagrant.

As we hear Jack say occasionally in his books–they messed with the wrong guy! The more they try to keep him out, the more inclined he is to get in–to find out why. What follows includes one man dead, other men missing, a recycling plant with questionable activities, a plane that flies out every night, and Jack, getting into–and out of–trouble as he attempts to figure out what Despair is hiding.

With several tangents, it’s hard to know where it will end.

What is the best shaped mug for a cup of coffee?

The only remaining question that seems to concern him is whether he can find the ideal shaped mug for a good cup of coffee.

Mr. Child always manages to put Reacher right in the middle of strange and difficult circumstances. Once you meet him and get to know Jack, you want to stick around and see what he’ll do next.

I’ve been reading the novels in order over the past year, taking my time so I don’t run out too quickly. So far I’ve enjoyed every one of them. Actually, I should say I’ve listened to them. If you enjoy audiobooks, the popular Dick Hill narrates wonderfully. I’ve gotten attached to his voice as Jack Reacher. Either way, this one is a lovely way to spend your free time.

Listen to Lee Childs talk about Jack Reacher

Want to hear from the author?

Check out these great videos. It’s always interesting to get the author’s thoughts on Jack! One is about Nothing to Lose. In the other Mr. Childs answers fan questions.

Lee Childs Answers Fans Questions

Childs talks About Nothing to lose


The Author

One last thing. It always surprises me when I’m reminded that the author is British! His knowledge of the States seems more complete than my own. A great author with a thoroughly likable character!

The Killing Floor

The first in the series. You don’t have to start at the beginning. Each stands alone, but if you prefer going in order, You’ll want to start here. In the first book we find Jack in Georgia at the same time 3 murders are committed. Jack is their main suspect. Thinking about it makes me want to listen to it again!

Gone Tomorrow

I recently finished this one, another suspenseful novel in the Jack Reacher series. Jack is riding on a subway in New York City late at night with only 5 other passengers. His keen observance pegs one of them as a terrorist. But there is so much more to the story.


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