Book Review: Old Loves Die Hard, by Lauren Carr

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Book Review: Old Loves Die Hard, by Lauren Carr


Mac Faraday is back, front and center, in Old Loves Die Hard.  Such an appropriate title too.


There he is, settling happily into the life of a wealthy playboy in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.  Since he inherited 270 million dollars on the day his divorce was decreed final, he’s been doing his best to adjust.  Just his luck that his inheritance also brought him a new half brother he never knew he had (who happens to be the chief of police),  and a new love who inherited lifelong residence in his guest house.  Oh, and we mustn’t forget the dog. Gnarly.  A large German shepherd who often creates havoc, especially when bored.


Then who shows up, but his ex wife, the wife who divorced him to be with another man.  What does she want?  A reconciliation.  Alas, she may be a little late for that.


Within 24 hours, she will be dead.  So will her ex-lover, an ambitious attorney.  If that isn’t horrible enough, the murders occur at the five star resort that Mac owns as part of his inheritance.


Before too long for several people approach Mac, looking for missing files.  Files concerning cases that belonged to Mac.


He must get involved if only to protect the reputation of his resort, but even in a short time, we know Mac won’t be able to resist looking for answers.  He may no longer be employed as a homicide detective, but that doesn’t mean he is any less interested in crime.


Questions that need answers


Were the murders an act of one person?  Why did the ex lover have several of Mac’s old police cases with him?  Why are so many people after those files?  The more who ask, the more intent Mac is to find out why.  Before he does, there is another body found.


The biggest question might be what  the word Themis is all about.   What it means and where it leads may kill still more before Mac and Archie and brother David can figure out what is going on.


Good work, Lauren Carr 


The author has once again written a complex plot involving a large cast of characters, each with a motive of their own.  You’ll need to pay attention!  Between  the ex-wife’s family, her ex lover and everyone involved in the old cases, there are many directions the clues may lead.


Ms. Carr’s novels are very entertaining.  Murder may be happening all around her featured characters, yet the story still has a light touch about it that makes them fun to read.  That is one of the benefits of a cozy mystery.  You might know Mac and Archie will be just fine, but the intrigue is nevertheless intense and the story compelling at the same time.


It’s made even better knowing there are more books to come in the series.  The more you read, the more attached you become to Mac and company. We even get to see a new side to Gnarly this time.


It’s Murder, My Son


In case you haven’t read the first book that begins this delightful series, here it is.  I do suggest you start at the beginning so you will learn how Mac came to Deep Creek Lake.



Shades of Murder

The next one, book three, is titled Shades of Murder.  It sounds terrific too.  Mac inherits a mysterious painting that has been missing for nearly a decade, ever since the artist who painted it was found murdered.  A lovely cold case for our wealthy former detective to solve.



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