Book Review: Dog Tags, by David Rosenfelt

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There aren’t many books that I read that having me laughing as often as David Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter Series.  I’ll be listening along, since I love Grover Gardner’s narration, caught up in the drama when Andy will say something that forces a laugh out.

It is so much fun I could listen to his books over and over.

I did with this one, as a matter of fact.  Since I read the books in order after my first Rosenfelt book, I went back to hear this one again.  The story and the mystery is a good one, but it is one of the funniest too.

The Story

Andy is asked by friend, police detective, Pete Stanton, to represent a friend of his.  Only that isn’t quite correct.  He is asked to represent Milo, the dog belonging to the friend. The dog was arrested too, with a 24 hour guard.  Even the judge can’t help but smile when Andy comes to court to plead for his freedom.

Of course, it follows that somehow Andy gets talked into representing the dog’s owner too.  A former policeman and war veteran, Billy is now a thief.  He’s trained his military dog to aid in his crimes, an easy task for the intelligent animal.  Still, stealing is different than murder, and Billy claims he didn’t do it.

What Andy finds has even him shaking his head.  The police, the military, and even the FBI may be involved in a cover up that goes back many years to Iraq.  Still, the pleasure of the story is Andy in the present.

The Series in Audio

You can’t go wrong with the series.  His fans anxiously await his next addition, coming in July.

If there was ever a book to try in audio, pick any one of this series.  Grover Gardner IS Andy Carpenter, complete with his self deprecating humor and excellent timing.  I am absolutely a fan.

Any of the series can be read as a stand alone, but I believe once you read one you will want to read them all. I suggest you start with the first of the series, Open and Shut, especially.  It explains how Andy and his fabulous staff and girlfriend got to where they are now.

You can read my review of Open and Shut here.

I’ve also done a summary of each of the Andy Carpenter series.  Just click here for the article.


The First in the Series,  Open and Shut

The New Release in Andy’s series,  Who Let the Dog Out?


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