Book Review: Power Down, by Ben Coes

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Outstanding! Power Down is A Definite 5-Star Read

This powerful debut novel sent Ben Coes straight to my favorites list.  He has remained there with the subsequent entries in his Dewey Andreas series.  Released in August of 2011, it is still a very timely novel that brings to mind the current political issues we still face on energy.

Meet Dewey Andreas

We are introduced to a remarkable, if somewhat damaged hero, Dewey Andreas.  Former Army Ranger, former Delta, he is now Crew Chief aboard the Capitana, a huge oil field off Columbian coast that is a major provider of oil to the United States.

Next we meet  Jake White, the man who designed the Savage Island project, a new, enormous hydroelectric dam in Canada, right next to the Labrador Sea. The dam will  provide electricity to much of the northeast.

Finally, we meet the owners of each, one of whom wants to merge;  Nicholas Anson, of Anson Energy and Ted Marks, CEO of KKB.  Two energy giants, one for oil, one for electricity, both patriots who want to see America freed from dependence on foreign oil.  Should they agree to the merge, it will make them one of the largest energy providers worldwide.

Two days later both the Savage Island dam and Capitana oil field are destroyed.

While the reader considers the magnitude of the two separate disasters, another man in a New York City high rise quietly says “it is only the beginning.”

The Story

Does that sound like an exciting enough start to a suspense thriller?

One thing the terrorists didn’t expect in their planning was Dewey Andreas.  First he fights back, saving as many men as he can.   Then he goes after those responsible.

Mr. Coes has done a superb job covering every angle.  He quickly draws the reader into each scene, with the tension, the icy waters off Columbia, the freezing temperatures of Northern Canada.  Once the bombs go off, you can imagine the response.   The president’s top officials, Jessica Tanzer with the FBI, and every one conceivable begins investigating the terror angle.

The owner of the destroyed dam wants answers too.  He follows a different trail, on a hunt to follow the money.  A trail that involves billions.

A trail that leads to sleeper cells long embedded in the United States, all working toward one disastrous purpose.  It also leads to a mole high in the government.

It’s a race to find the person responsible.  It’s a race to stop attacks on multiple fronts.  If they don’t succeed, thousands more will die.

A Must Read for Thriller Lovers

I could spend another hour right now, telling you more about the story here.  I’d love every minute of it too, but you will have to read this wonderful novel to learn more.  I’ll just add that the book doesn’t slow down. It moves quickly from one explosive scene to another, all across the globe.

As we follow each separate scene, you will feel like you are there; running out of breath with Dewey on the sea floor, feeling the flames of a Colorado fire, the tension rising with each phone call.  It’s interesting that even though we learn the identity of the terrorists early on, it doesn’t lessen a second of the suspense in the book.  Tightly written, packed with action and drama, well developed characters you will feel strongly about, whether for good or bad.

I listened to the audio version of Power Down, narrated by Peter Hermann.  It was an outstanding performance providing the tension, the accents, the varying voices.  Very well done.  If you have the chance to listen to it, I’d highly recommend it.  No matter how you read it, I hope you do.  It’s a treat for any thriller fan!

Ben Coes has now written five novels featuring Dewey Andreas.  His newest addition, Independence Day, will be released on May 26th, 2015.  You can read about each of his books in my article, Top New Suspense Thrillers.


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  1. Sounds like the kind of pacing and story line I enjoy. I’ll have to check out this author. Thanks for the introduction. As always, a well-written review that reveals enough to capture my interest without spoiling the reading experience. That is always a delicate balance.

  2. Thanks Barbara. It is one of my top favorites. One your mom would enjoy if she likes suspense thrillers along with mysteries! Very exciting. Good to see you!

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