Book Review: The Lady who Cried Murder, by Lauren Carr

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 The Mac Faraday Series

Lauren Carr has captured my loyalty with her Mac Faraday series. With her newest release today, Open Season for Murder, she has ten novels in the Mac Faraday series.   With every book I finish, I find myself anxious to get to the next.

A solid, often complicated, mystery,  lovable and laughable characters, a little romance, and seriously bad, bad guys.  As a matter of fact, her stories usually include several of them, all capable of murder and misdirection.

On top of that, she brings us Gnarly, the German shepherd who is often very disobedient for a former military dog.

In this particular book, the sixth in the Mac Faraday series, Gnarly will not only obey (well, most of the time), he will be the hero.  Along with a grumpy cat named Irving who you might find dusting for finger prints before the story ends.

The Story

A young woman craving attention and stardom fakes her own kidnapping.  When her mother dies three years later, she finally comes home.

This time she is violently murdered.  The night before she is to make a big announcement.

So begins another twisting, turning story that involves attorneys who don’t follow the law, investigators who are willing to bend or break the rules, and politicians who you would hope you could trust.

Clues lead them to a prominent senator and his son.  From that a question arises…how far should a parent go to protect their children?  Or is it the senator himself who needs protecting?  Is he guilty or a pawn in a bigger game?

So many questions that remain to be answered as Mac and Police chief brother, David, try and prove their theory of the crime.

Enjoying the characters

It was a pleasure seeing Gnarly living up to his potential in the novel.  Put a bullet proof vest on that dog, and he knew it was time to work.  Secretly, he is very good at his job too.  You can picture him, getting serious when much of the time he is too busy having fun.

There were lessons to learn in the story too.  Some of them a bit sad.  Motivated by greed, some will do whatever they want for money, without regard to the cost to others.  Of course, another one is to pay attention who you are electing!

Cameron and Joshua Thornton were back in town for a visit too.  They are the featured characters in the Lovers in Crime series.

Open Season for Murder

Lauren’s newest addition to the serie , Open Season for Murder was released today.  You can pick up your copy here.   Mac receives a mysterious phone call from a woman he thought was dead.  Is she really alive or is it a push to get Mac to investigate?  With the Diablo Ball about to take place, all of the players will be in attendance.  I wonder if they will all live through it.


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