Book Review: Trust No One, By Jayne Ann Krentz

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When Grace Elland find the body of her boss-and a vodka bottle at his side–she knows her nightmares will be back.  The murder, as well as the end of her job, take her home again while she decides what to do next.

She doesn’t expect the mystery to follow her there.

Meeting Julius Arkwright on an arranged date doesn’t improve anything either.  The two don’t seem to have much in common.  She’s worked a variety of jobs without any particular direction.  Julius, a venture capitalist is focused and successful at making money—a lot of it.

Yet he calls her when he gets home from that date, knowing something was wrong. Turns out he was right.  Grace is receiving emails from her dead employer.  She learns that money has been embezzled.  Worst of all, someone is stalking Grace.  All of it brings back horrible memories  she has from an event years back.

While the police search for the killer Grace and Julius begin their own investigation.  A killer, an embezzler, a stalker, and several who are not who they claim to be.  Whoever they are, how do they seem to know each move  Grace takes?

The Author

The author has been one I have read for years, selectively.  She writes historical novels as Amanda Quick and futuristic books as Jayne Castle.  While I’ve enjoyed several of her novels that include the paranormal, her romantic suspense stories are usually what I choose.  They are usually very entertaining.  After River Road, I was looking forward to this one.

It was a good story but something didn’t work for me.  I chose to listen to the audio version. In this case that might be why it wasn’t a favorite.  I liked the narrator.  I feel she did a fine job reading the book and distinguishing the characters,  but the story seemed immature somehow. I didn’t feel a connection to the characters until late into the book.  I haven’t decided if it was the narration or the way the characters were written.  Scoring it for Audible, I gave it a 3 out of 5.

Sometimes it is the listener not the book. So I will continue to read Jayne Ann Krentz at least another time or two.  It is possible to move away from a person’s style of writing after years of reading. If you read it, I hope you will let me know what you think.


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  1. This is a great review, but I don’t think this is the book for me. I don’t normally read paranormal fiction. I like police procedural mysteries better.

    • Thanks Barbara, I must have explained incorrectly! This particular one is NOT paranormal. Sometimes hers are, but not the last couple. Thanks again!

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