Making Homemade Bread the Easy Way: Using a Bread Machine

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Easily make bread at home

Since I suggested you try these cinnamon rolls for a Christmas morning treat, it seems only fair that I give you a little more information on my own favorite bread machine.

Mine is the The Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic YeastPro Bread Maker. It is fantastic!

I received this long lasting machine as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. I think I held out a long time. It was one of those appliances that I felt was a luxury, something I didn’t really need and wouldn’t use often.

I was wrong!

Now I do need it and use it quite often, that being any time I need bread or rolls. Since I got mine, I think I have only bought bread a few times, when a family member wants gluten free. I still have so many recipes to try, but tend to get stuck on my favorites.

At first I only made bread, white and wheat, and even a sourdough variety. Then I switched to rolls—they are so easy in the machine!

Making different sizes from one batch, there will be more than enough to make hamburger buns, sandwich rolls, and dinner rolls. You can add nuts or seeds too if you like. The rolls freeze beautifully, so one or two can be pulled out a time.

Possibly the cinnamon rolls are my favorite, but part of that is the reminder of my grandmother any time I smell cinnamon. Not to mention how much I love something sweet to start the morning.

This particular bread machine allows you to put the yeast in a special compartment so it dispenses when it’s time. That’s another plus for me. Usually there are several other projects going on while the bread machine is doing its job. With the yeast dispenser I don’t have to hover, waiting for a beep telling me it’s time.

It’a a wonderful, versatile appliance that is capable of many things. This month on the agenda is to try using it for pizza dough or to make pasta. I’m leaning toward pasta mainly because I want to see how it comes out. I am looking forward to making it from scratch. These days I prefer to know what ingredients are going into the food I eat. The Panasonic makes that so simple.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. I received a bread making machine for Christmas about 5 years ago; best gift ever – beats socks, even whisky. I use it every week; makes great bread & pizza dough. And the smell of freshly baked bread! Man O Man! It really hits you between the eyes as you come back into the house. Heaven is a place filled with the scent of freshly baked bread.

  2. I’m enjoying my bread machine, too. Amazing how delightful and delicious a fresh loaf of bread or a batch of rolls can be!

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