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Which is the best brush on sunscreen?

brush_on_blockRemember the days of sticky sunblock creams? Thank goodness that we have brush on sunblocks these days. But which is best? Living in Florida, I’m in the ideal location to evaluate them for you.

Without doubt the best is the one you see on the right.

I was first attracted to Brush On Block because it’s a mineral powder. But its additional advantages are terrific. It’s so easy to apply, it’s safe to use, has natural ingredients and lasts for ages. It’s so gentle too – you can even apply it to your eyelids easily without having gooey creams getting into your eyes.

It’s a translucent powder unlike other brush on products that are tinted and suitable only for specific skin tones. This one though is perfect for any skin and can even be used for babies over six months old. It is completely invisible when applied and you can use it either underneath or above your regular makeup.

It’s so easy for kids too and although no sunscreen is one hundred percent waterproof (despite what manufacturers claim) this is water-resistant for eighty minutes after application. The FDA tested this and eighty minutes is its highest rating. So if you or your kids are messing about in water, this product has got you covered. This water resistance makes it ideal for sweaty activities too, such as jogging or playing tennis.

If you have thinning hair, a bald spot or a parting that’s prone to burning, this product will protect the skin on your head without the need for greasy creams getting into your hair.

How long does Brush On Block last?

If you’re using it on your face daily, then just one tube will last for about four months. If you apply it daily to to your face, neck, hands and arms then you’ll need  to buy a refill after about two months. (At time of writing, the refills are about $16). If you don’t intend to use it daily, then you’ll be pleased to know that it has a manufacturer’s recommended shelf life of about eighteen months.

The product has no perfumes or ingredients that could irritate your skin and is non-comodegenic and hypo-allergenic but what I really love is the supreme convenience. The product is small enough to keep in your purse and there’s no danger of leakage (I’ve had regular sun cream leak into a handbag and it’s not fun!) It’s so easy to apply, even onto wiggling kids, and works even in the hot Florida sun.

The product and its refills can be ordered online so it’s simplicity itself.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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