Planet-friendly charging station for multiple devices

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Bamboo charging station for multiple devices

At last the charging of our various devices in under control. With two of these little beauties in our home,our cellphones, tablets and laptops are tidily  charging with no wires snaking their way across our surfaces. It was becoming a real problem until we discovered these.

And we’re not a particularly teckie household – or so I thought. There are only two of us but between us, we have:

  • Three iPhones
  • An iPad
  • A Kindle
  • Four laptops

Now we can find them knowing that when we do, they will be ready for use. But something that I really appreciate about this charging station is that is made from sustainable bamboo. It’s not often that you can find tech devices that are planet friendly and as bamboo is the quickest-growing plant on the planet,it is infinitely renewable.

Bamboo will no doubt be used for many more purposes in the future and I’m watching out for products that aren’t damaging the planet so you can imagine how pleased I was when I discovered this charging station.

There were other considerations too:

  • We needed something that would look good in our home
  • We wanted to be sure that our devices wouldn’t be scratched or damaged
  • Our home is tiny so whatever we chose had to be compact
  • It needed to look tidy and wires should be carefully hidden away

The item you see here is just perfect. We had wires everywhere before we bought two of these. We had devices scattered all over the house including, crazily, the Kindle charging in one of the kitchen cupboards and an iPhone charging in the bathroom. Now we have one of these charging stations in the lounge on the console table and one on the kitchen counter.

Just perfect.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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