Charleston, South Carolina. A Historic Vacation

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Charleston, South Carolina. A Historic Vacation.

We’re lucky enough to have family living in Charleston. If we didn’t have family living there I don’t know if we would have ever have considered taking a vacation there. What a mistake that would be, as we’ve traveled there many times to visit and every time there is something new to see and do.

As you know this is where the Civil War started, when confederate soldiers fired on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, which was occupied by Union forces. This was known as the first shot fired in the Civil War. Okay enough history; you can read this anywhere on line. What I want to tell you are some of the fun things that we like to do when we visit Charleston. This is a photo of the pier at Folly Beach on James Island.


Folly Beach is on James Island, and this is where our relatives live, about a mile from this beach. On our last visit, some mornings we would grab our coffee and take the short drive to the beach. It’s peaceful to just sit there and watch the waves splash in.

Beach s
We walked the beach and collected some beautiful sea shells. We’ll later use these seashells to do some crafts with our grandchildren.

The beach is so very peaceful in the morning, and if you can get there early enough to see the sun rise it’s a beautiful sight. Although we didn’t do this every day, come I’m on vacation right.

Take a day to visit the huge outside market in downtown Charleston, we like walking through and stopping to see the many vendors and their wares. You’ll find everything here from fine art to the smallest trinket to take home as a keepsake. There are some very talented people, who hand weave these baskets. Well, it’s hard to see the people in this photo, but I really wanted you to see the baskets.

As you walk through, you’ll see them throughout the market crafting their baskets. We have purchased several; after all you can never have enough baskets, right? Some of them are a bit pricey, but most time the vendors a willing to make a deal.

Take the carriage ride guided tour of the city. These tours have so many different routes around the city, and you can take a different one every time. It’s a beautiful ride through the streets of Old Charleston, the tour guides are well versed on the history of the city, and the horses are very friendly too. If you’re going to visit Charleston, put this on your things to do list, you won’t be sorry.

Carriage ride

This is the tour that we have taken a couple of times. The Palmetto Carriage Tour is an hour long carriage ride through the city. The tour guides are well versed on the history of the city.

Walk around the city just to enjoy the beauty and soak in the history of Old Charleston. Walking along the Battery off in the distance you can see Fort Sumter. I begin to imagine that first shot fired that started the civil war, oh the history in Charleston.

There are tours of Fort Sumter every day. Although this is something we haven’t done on any of our trips, but I know that we’ll be there again, and the next time, we will add this tour on our things to do list.
As I walk through the streets of this historic city. I can’t help but think of all the generations that have lived in these homes. These homes have been here for more than 100 years, the history just pours out of them. After the war, Charleston didn’t have a lot of money to rebuild so they restored and restored, keeping the old buildings for us to enjoy.

This is my favorite thing to do as I see something new every time we take a walk around the city. These are some of the things we like to do when we visit Charleston. There is so much more to enjoy here, wonderful restaurants and parks to visit.

Charleston Where History Lives

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