Who Remembers Columbo?

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Who Remembers Columbo?

ColumboDVD3It was 1989 when I packed up my family and moved to Western New York to start a new and exciting job. My new job was only 2½ hours from where we lived, but it seemed like the other side of the world. We had to make a lot of adjustments, leaving our family and friends, getting the kids settled into a new school, finding our way around a new town.

1989 was also the year that ABC picked up the series, Columbo that NBC had dropped in 1978. I became a fan of Columbo in the 70s and was very disappointed when NBC dropped the series. Now it was back and that made me happy, I believe this really helped make the adjustment, as every time I watched it, I felt like I had an old friend in the living room for some reason it felt like home.

This show was not your typical whodunit, as every episode started out with the crime, so we all knew who committed the crime. The whole show was Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk) solving the crime, clue by clue. The writers did a fantastic job series after series with this reverse crime solving method as to how to catch the killer.

To me this show was like a comedy, it was humorous to watch Lt. Columbo solve the crime. As he would show up at the crime scene never in a police vehicle it was his old personal car. There he was with his tan trench coat, wrinkled suit, and he always had a cigar.

Week after week the killers all had the same opinion of him, that he was an incompetent, bumbling detective. By the middle of the show they would become irritated at his presence. It would only be at the end when they finally figured out how smart he really was.

This is a rather long video, but it has 7 outstanding Columbo endings. One of my favorites is about 34 minutes into the video. The episode is called Negative Reaction with Dick Van Dyke.

The endings were my favorite part; I waited every week just to see the look on the killers face as Columbo nailed them.


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