Ben Coes’ New Novel, Independence Day

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Independence Day, Ben Coes’ fifth book in the Dewey Andreas series, is now available.

If you are a fan of suspense thriller, I hope you’ve already read his series.  If you haven’t read him yet, I suggest you start soon.

Ben Coes became one of my favorite authors with his very first novel, Power Down.  It was an amazing start to a new writing career.

His most excellent hero, Dewey Andreas, has a background that will let you know the book will be high on action scenes.  He’s a former Army Ranger and Delta–twice the skill, twice the wisdom.  Yet he is far from perfect.  He’s killed many, but he doesn’t like to kill.  He’s loved and lost.  He’s angry, he’s fed up, yet he’s a patriot.  That’s first and foremost, and the reason he is so often driven to succeed at his task, in spite of those around him.

Mr. Coes does a fantastic job of weaving his plots together from multiple threads.  The reader gets into every one of those threads through his tightly written descriptions, whether of the locale, the action, the chases.  Each book includes tension mounting drama that has pulled me in every time.

In the coming release, Dewey is still reeling from the murder of his fiance.  No one knows if he can be trusted or controlled.  That doesn’t stop him from inserting himself into an assignment to find a Russian hacker who is providing fund to Al Qaeda.  He is soon the only survivor on a mission more urgent than they realized.  A plot that could destroy the western world in only a few more days.

Available on Audible Too

I’m waiting impatiently for my pre-ordered copy to arrive in my Audible library.  Peter Hermann, the narrator of the books so far, does an excellent job with the various voices, accents and situations.  His timing is terrific.

While I would suggest you begin with Power Down, each book stands alone.  You can read my review of this top favorite of mine right here.

If you would like to read more about Mr. Coes and a few other newer suspense authors I’ve grown attached to, you can find it here You can also see my review of Eye for an Eye here at Mystery Suspense Reviews.

The First in the Series…Power Down


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