The Conair Haircut Kit – My Review

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The Conair Haircut Kit – My Review

hairMost guys go and get their haircut on a regular basis, like every two weeks or once a month. I don’t know what happened to me, but I always wait until my hair is so long that I can’t stand it.

I guess I just get so busy that I forget to make the appointment, or when I think about it the salon is closed, oh well I have 1000 reasons why I don’t get my hair cut on a regular basis.

Now keep in mind that the older I get the less hair I have, but it does still grow, and for the most part I don’t like when it starts to grow over my ears.

This is certainly somewhat different than my younger days, because I had sideburns that would have made Elvis jealous.

Anyway my hair does grow faster on the sides than it does on top, who knew. So I picked up this handy Conair Deluxe Haircut Kit to help me out in between my haircut appointments, you know the one’s that I don’t make that often.

This works very well for me as now I can trim the sides, and over my ears, and this keeps me looking neat until I make my next appointment.

I’m not going to give all of the features of the product, because you can read about them.

What can I say? It cuts hair. I do have to warn you, cutting your own hair is like driving down the highway at 80 miles per hour in reverse. So I recommend you have some help.

Who could use this product? Well anybody that wants to save a little money. You could save a little cash by cutting your family’s hair, or use it as I do just to keep my hair trimmed between appointments.

The kit comes complete with all of the tools you need, and instructions on how to cut hair and how to maintain your Conair Deluxe Hair Kit.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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