Custom Throw Pillows and Matching Fabric

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Custom Throw Pillows and Matching Fabric

Have you ever purchased throw pillows and wanted them to match your curtains or a quilt? Now you can.

Zazzle is a print on demand company that has many designs to choose from. They also now make custom fabric.

I am one of the artists on Zazzle, and have designed quite a few pillows  already. I recently visited a furniture store and thought that it would be great for these designer pieces to also match the curtains and/or a wall hanging.

If you are in the market for such a combination, you are welcome to look through my CherylsArt  store at, to find any designs that you would like made into a coordinating set for you.

When you find a design that you like, you can copy the Product Id number for that particular design, and include that in your email. You’ll find it near the bottom of the product page.

You can email your design request to me at Be sure to mention ‘Design Request’ in the subject line, and to tell me what all products you would like the design on. Some ideas would be throw pillows, lumbar pillows, fabric, wall print, posters, etc.

Also, be sure to include about how big you would like the print to be. For instance, if the design is a butterfly, would you want the butterflies to be around 2 inches wide on the printed fabric, or as large as 5 inches? I will do my best to estimate the finished sizes for you.

Some of the designs can have a different background color. If you would like a different background color, other than what is shown on the item, let me know that as well.

Any other details that you can give will be very helpful in us designing your perfect combination set together.

Not all designs will line up, when repeating them on a larger dimension, but there are ways to help them go together anyway.

For instance, the pink flower design with green leaves is printed as a single pattern on this pillow.

On the fabric, I arranged it in the mirror pattern to add visual interest, and also to get around the design not lining up perfectly, with the basic repeat pattern.



Cheryl Paton is an artist with a positive attitude that is reflected in her work. She writes about various art subjects and techniques. She enjoys creating art to help celebrate special occasions and events. She also writes about her favorite music, movies and the products she uses and recommends. She is also a specialist in adult literacy and is a published author. See more of her articles here and her art here.


Author: Jackie Jackson

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