Cute Reindeer Cookie Bags

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Cute Reindeer Cookie Bags

Here is a really quick and easy packaging idea for gifting Christmas cookies and treats. Now that the holiday baking is done, you are left with the task of packaging up the treats in individual packages to give to guests, neighbors, teachers and all the special people in your life.


These cute cookie bags don’t take many supplies to make. For each reindeer cookie bag, you will need one paper lunch bag, 2 pipe cleaners and assorted paper scraps.

You can draw the shapes for the reindeer face freehand or you can use oval and circle stencils like I did to trace the shapes for the eyes and nose.

For the eyes, I traced two ovals on white paper and two circles on black paper and cut them out. For the nose, I traced a large oval on a light brown patterned paper for the muzzle and a circle on a shiny,red metallic paper for the nose. You could also use craft foam, a pom pom or a button for the red nose too.

Glue the paper cut-outs onto the paper bag to resemble a reindeer’s face.

Fill the bags with delicious cookies like these silly reindeer poop cookies or these festive Christmas chocolate chip pretzel cookies.

Cut one pipe cleaner in half. Twist each half onto the ends of another pipe cleaner to make reindeer antlers. Fold the top of the bag over 2 inches and place the pipe cleaner antlers underneath the fold. Place a piece of tape on each side of the top of the bag to hold the antlers in place.

Secure the back flaps of the cookie bags with a piece of tape or a holiday sticker.

These adorable reindeer cookie bags are an inexpensive and easy way to package up treats for a cookie exchange party or for gift giving. For a extra special gift, add a package melted snowman soup to enjoy along with the cookies.

Happy holidays!




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