Dang Toasted Coconut Chips, A Review

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What see here pictured here has to be one of the best tasting, healthiest snacks I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

Always on a quest to find healthy snacks that also taste good, it often seems hard to combine the two unless I stick to fresh fruit and vegetables.  So when I was given a sample of one of these toasted coconut chips, in caramel sea salt flavor, I confess I was a sceptic.

One bite changed my mind.  Without a doubt.  Talk about tasty!  These little coconut slices almost look like shavings.  Thin yet crunchy, then chewy.  Chewed and swallowed right away they are very good, but the secret is to chew them slowly and longer than you might think you need to.  The flavor expands as you chew into delicious.

Available in 4 Flavors

Off to the store I went as soon as I heard they are available in different flavors.  As you can see, the Dang company makes them in plain toasted coconut (though there is nothing plain about them), in the caramel sea salt flavor, and in a lovely dark chocolate coated flavor.  There is also a Greek yogurt flavor our store didn’t carry.  I will be ordering that next.  Can’t wait to taste it.

The variety is just right.  It would be hard to choose a favorite, though I think I am leaning toward the caramel sea salt.  Sometimes you have to have chocolate too, though, you know?

The two without chocolate are made with only three ingredients:  Coconut, coconut sugar, and sea salt.  The chocolate flavor has a few additional ingredients, but the package states that the chips are coated with Fair Trade Certified dark chocolate. The packages are 1.43 ounces for the toasted coconut and the caramel sea salt flavors, and 2.0 ounces for the chocolate covered chips.  A one ounce serving contains 160 calories.

Since it adds to the taste when you chew each piece longer, the snack lasts longer.  It’s surprisingly satisfying, and because of that it’s filling too.

I wish I could pass out samples!

In the Family

A sweet side note, I assumed the name Dang came from the slogan on the package, “Dang, that’s good,” and it does suit the taste.  That was just a bonus.  The chips are named after the owner’s mother, Dang.  She first introduced him to the yummy treat, so they are named in her honor.  They are a product of Thailand.

Give them a try.  I love them!

Here’s an assortment of all 4 flavors.  3 of each of the original toasted coconut, the caramel sea salt, the dark chocolate covered, and the Greek yogurt chips.



This is the best buy at the moment for the two most popular flavors.  It includes 6 packages of the original toasted coconut and 6 of the caramel sea salt flavored chips.


They are available in larger sized bags too.  You can order in 3.17 ounce sized individual packages.



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