Favorite Books by Dean Koontz

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Favorite Books by Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz – Prolific Writer of tales of horror, mystery and suspense

Dean Koontz has been called a “horror” writer, a “mystery” writer and a “suspense” writer. He is all these things and more. Reading a Dean Koontz novel is like stepping into a strange universe, where the ordinary laws of nature do not apply. Just when you think you’ve figured out where he’s heading, there’s suddenly another unexpected bend in the road.

Koontz Always Provides The Unexpected

Every Koontz book I’ve read, always provides an unexpected twist. He also writes some series novels; The Frankenstein Series, The Odd Thomas Series. One of the hardest things to do as a writer, is to keep the storyline characteristics the same through so many different publications. Koontz does it to perfection.

….You Only Know Half The Legend

The Complete Frankenstein 5-Book Series

Dean Koontz Frankenstein series of books

The Frankenstein series of five books kept me immersed in them and thinking about them even after I finished the entire set. Each book is numbered so you can’t go wrong and read out of sync. Pictured here is the fifth book of the series, The Dead Town.

Prodigal Son is #1, City of Night is #2, Dead and Alive is #3, Lost Souls is #4.

The theory behind the writing of the Frankenstein series is based on current events in medical and scientific fields. He does not re-write Mary Shelley’s original novel, Frankenstein, but brings the story into the modern world of technology. The frightening thing you realize as you read, is that it’s all so plausible. Believe me, if you like Dean Koontz novels, this series is the cream of the crop, but I’m not giving away anything else! Try the Frankenstein series for yourself, you’ll be mesmerized by the story and how well the continuation is handled through five installments!

Other Dean Koontz Bestsellers

The Husband: A Kidnapping With No Ransom?

Another book of Koontz’ I just finished is The Husband, about a man whose wife is kidnapped and held for ransom, even though he is a landscaper and has no fortune. Through all the twists and turns, you find out the method to the kidnappers madness, which really has nothing at all to do with money. It keeps you guessing about the whys and wherefores. It has to be read, to be believed. Plot twists are Koontz big suit and he always comes up with something so totally unexpected you have to wonder what part of his brain stores this kind of stuff away!

This Is Typical of Koontz’ Unexpected Twists

Mr. Murder, A Twisted Tale, Not To Be Missed

Another Koontz’ tome I recently read, is Mr. Murder, about a novelist who writes murder mysteries, who is attacked in his own home by someone who is his mirror image. This person says the novelist has stolen his life. No, the man is not his long-lost twin brother, and I will leave it at that. You’ll have to read it to find out more. Totally off-the-wall story gives you the creeps, but that’s what we read Koontz for, isn’t it?

There is “Innocence” in the world.

What About “Innocence?”

“Innocence” is an eerie, unusual tale of two lost souls who meet in the underground of a city. One, the woman, who can’t bear to be touched, is being chased and hunted by a sadistical rapist who wants to ravish and destroy her. The other is a man who hides away from the world, believing he can never be seen by any human because they want to kill him when they see him. These two people find each other and bond, helping each to survive. Of course there’s more to the plot than that, but to read about retribution and redemption of the “Innocence” of the would-be victims leaves one astonished at the theme of non-violence, acceptance and love in the face of adversity. At the same time, the reader is aware of Koontz’ underlying theme of disgust with the world’s evils, particularly the abuse of children. I think this book is most revealing of Dean Koontz’ personal feelings about society.

Do You Read Dean Koontz?

What do you read?

Everyone has a favorite reading genre: mine happens to be horror fantasy mystery on the order of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, but following closely in second place are non-fiction or fiction based on real life events. What’s yours, and why do you prefer it? Taking all that into consideration, tell me below: Who’s your favorite author?




Nancy Hardin is a highly experienced writer and author. A retired journalist, she is also a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother with a wealth of experience in many fields. In addition, she is a retiree veteran, having spent many years in the Women’s Army Corps. She is also an experienced ghostwriter and you can see more about her skills at the The Writers’Door. You can visit Nancy’s website here and discover more of her work at this site.

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