Departure, by A. G. Riddle, A Review

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A. G. Riddle’s New Bestseller

It’s being described as mind bending, speculative, inventive, imaginative, futuristic, science fiction, and fantasy, just to give you a name a few. I found all the descriptions true. What an entertaining story!

Departure is a well written exciting novel that starts with a current day plane crash. There are survivors. Right there you have enough for a fascinating work of fiction that would offer sufficient drama, but that is only the beginning.

It is a book that reflects the strength one may or may not possess in times of disaster. It also shows how actions intended for good can bring about horrible results—something that happens all too often in our world. As the book shows, human nature is essential to consider, but not easy to predict.

  • First a plane crash, then a daring, deadly rescue.
  • Strange differences in the land they now wander.
  • Rapidly aging survivors.
  • Two passengers who seem to know something. But what?
  • So much more…

The book is captivating.  Perhaps because of the future it shows, perhaps because the travelers want the best. The changes the reader sees within each is encouraging. The anticipation runs throughout, even in the quieter moments.

Time Travel?  Perhaps…

Imagine taking off on a flight today and crashing into a future more than a hundred years later. Hard to picture, isn’t it? For five of the survivors it will be even more startling. For them, their actions may save or destroy mankind.

There is much to consider as you read through the book. What would you change if you saw the future. Looking back, there are many things that we might choose. Looking forward, how could we predict? To see our actions affect not just our own life but lives throughout the world would give us a much greater sense of responsibility for our actions today. What would you do differently?

Explanations of physics, alterations, time and space, may have your mind feeling very full (mine surely did), but it is a fascinating and creative look at what mankind may accomplish. I’d love to go on and discuss some of the pressing and important questions the book suggests, but it would be hard to go further without giving away even more of the plot. There would be much we could debate.

Departure is Mr. Riddle’s first novel since his best selling Origin Mystery series, that begins with The Atlantis Gene. This one may or may not be a new series. It certainly stands alone, but also leaves the reader wanting to see what might come next. That could be exciting to watch. The book has already been purchased to develop as a film as well.

From Audible

I listened to the audio version from Audible. Very well narrated by Nicola Barber and Scott Aiello. Their two voices add so much to the book. It makes a wonderful listen!  If you would like to listen to a preview of the audio, you will find it here.

However you choose to read it, it gets a high recommendation for anyone who enjoys a good mystery, adventure, futuristic (yet possibly realistic) science fiction, and even romance.

The Atlantis Gene is now in my library to be listened to soon as well. I’m anxious to see how that series begins as well. Mr. Riddle is sure to have an enthusiastic following!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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