Descendants’ Other Costume Ideas

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Disneys_DescendantsIn the summer of 2015, a new generation of villains was introduced by Disney. In the movie Descendants, a musical fantasy film, viewers of all ages finally got to meet the children of their favorite villains; including Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, Carlos, the son of Cruella de Vil, Jay, son of Jafar, and Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen.

With over 6.6 million views and through the roof ratings, children everywhere are sure to ask for Descendants Halloween costumes this year, especially that of Mal and Evie. Below, we will go over the two female Descendants characters and ideas for how to create their perfect look for Halloween.

Mal – The Daughter of Maleficent

Much like her maligned mother, Mal (Dove Cameron) wants to be evil. When she is taken out of the Isle of the Lost, she is sure she wants to follow in her mother’s treacherous footsteps. However, when she becomes smitten with a Prince, she begins to rethink her evil ways. For little girls that want an edgy princess costume, Mal is the way to go. Make sure to top the costume off with Mal’s signature purple hair.


Purple Wig

Mal’s Coronation Look

If your daughter is a little more sugar than spice and the villain costume isn’t her favorite version of Mal, you may want to consider Mal’s coronation look. She still has her gloriously purple hair, but a much airier costume that makes her look more like a princess than a villain.

Coronation Gown

Evie – Daughter of the Evil Queen

Of course the daughter of the Evil Queen and the daughter of Maleficent are best friends. Like her mother, Evie was born to be bad. She follows Mal when she leaves the Isle of the Lost and helps Mal plan the theft of the fairy godmother’s wand. However, somewhere along the way, Evie falls in love with her life away from everything evil. Eventually, she convinces Mal to let her guard down a bit too. Evie’s look is also easy to create for Halloween.


Evie’s Blue Wig

Creating Evie’s Coronation Look

Like Mal, Evie drops her evil queenish-look when she attends Prince Ben’s coronation ball. For little girls who enjoy the softer side of Evie, the coronation gown look is a great choice. You can still use the same blue wig and pull it up on top of her head for a glorious look.

Evie’s Coronation Gown

Descendants’ Other Costume Ideas

For little girls who don’t get down with anything even a little on the dark side, there are other Descendants’ costume ideas as well; including Princess Audrey, the daughter of Aurora, Lonnie, the daughter of Mulan, and Jane, the daughter of the Fairy Godmother.

Princess Audrey

Lonnie – Daughter of Mulan

Complete the Costume with a Descendants Halloween Bag or Tote

Once you’ve created the perfect Descendants Halloween costume, you need a matching bag or tote to match the costume.

Awesome Descendants Halloween Tote

With any of the Descendants costumes listed above, your little one is sure to have a ghoulishly, evil time trick or treating, and the costumes can be worn for dress-up for weeks, months, and possibly years after.


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