Diamodacious by D.A. Belmont. Free for a limited period

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Diamondacious by D.A.Belmont. Free for your Kindle

Starting on November 13th, and for only five days, this fabulous book is available for free download for your Kindle. (November 13th – 17th inclusive).

You’ll love this story of the life of Debbie DeVore.

Born on the wrong side of the tracks in Fort Lauderdale, as  little girl she looked longingly at the wealth that surrounded her in the city.

She watched as her mother cleaned the homes of the rich and famous and as her father worked on the luxury boats on the sparkling Intracoastal waterway.

Why couldn’t she live like that?

But Debbie was a poor girl and she knew that her homely looks wouldn’t take her far. But she was determined.

What’s more, being a rather saucy girl, she didn’t really mind how she got there.

Along the way, as ruthless Debbie pursues her dream, you’ll meet the most fascinating characters and enjoy hilarious sub-plots.

She stumbles from one disaster to another, from disappointment and disillusionment but eventually she’s on her way – working steadily towards her goal of riches no matter what the world throws at her.

But yet you’ll love Debbie and empathise with her situation. She is a real woman – in every sense of the word.

A Lauderdale Lady’s Tale

If you’ve been to Fort Lauderdale – or are a resident, like me – then you’ll enjoy reading about Debbie’s adventures (and misadventures) in the city.

The sumptuous setting adds an extra tang and pizazz – but you’ll get to know about the real Fort Lauderdale.

Available in paperback too

If you’re like me and like to take advantage of both the Kindle and ‘real’ books, then the book is also available in softcover.

Just click the link or the image on the right to go to Amazon.

Or click here for the download: Diamondacious! Kindle download


Free for your Kindle for a limited time – so hurry






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