D-I-Y Essential: The Magnetic Wristband

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D-I-Y Essential: The Magnetic Wristband

81RuC3CtTbL._SL1500_ (1)I love this magnetic wristband. So much so that I have to tell everyone about it. Isn’t it funny how some of the littlest inventions can be the most used, handiest gadgets around? Everyone in my family old enough to use a hammer or a screwdriver will be getting one of these sometime this year.

Do you often find yourself on a ladder working on one project or another? It must be one of Murphy’s laws that if you stand on a ladder, you will drop something. I can picture in my mind a few of the times I’d have the screw all lined up, the drill in place, only to have it slip away. Down the ladder to get it. Once I found it (how is it they disappear when an nail or a screw hit the ground?), I’d go back up the ladder. It’s embarrassing to tell you how many times I repeated that process for that very same project.

How I wish I had had a wristband back then! I’d have at least five extras I could use! I sit here shaking my head at the simplicity of this creation. Velcro fastener so it fits any size wrist. A good sized area that is magnetized—big enough to hold extra screws, nails, even drill bits you might need to change out. It’s like a pin cushion for the handyman. Something everyone really should have nearby when working on a project.

No more holding the nails between your teeth or in a pocket. I can see how it would be handy even for serious construction workers! Or can mechanics. Or anyone who enjoys do-it-yourself projects. How did we get by without it? I’ll have to do a test and report back on how much time it saves on my next project!

You can read the full review here

Doesn’t it look invaluable? Personally I could use one for each wrist!


This is the other item that has saved me a ton of time going up and down ladders! Magnetic tip screwdrivers that hold the screw in place.

Can’t believe how much these help!


7 Pc Magnetic Tip Comfort Grip Screwdriver Set




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