DIY Wall Décor Ideas

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DIY Wall Décor Ideas.

We moved into a home with a beautiful finished basement. At the time we didn’t have the furnishings for both the basement and the living room upstairs, so we had some decisions to make. Moving is stressful and costly so you want to take some time to think about your needs.

We decided to furnish our new basement with the furniture that we already had form the old house, and of course we had to go out and buy a new big screen television for this new space.

Then we had to buy new furniture for the upstairs living room. So now that we spent all of our money on a new big screen television, and furniture, we needed to come up with some inexpensive ways to decorate the walls.
We needed that added touch to give our new home a comfortable look, you know like someone really lives here.
So here is some of the décor we used, and how we did it without spending money.

The Hallway

This is how we filled in a blank wall at the end of our hallway. We had a photo memory quilt that our daughter gave to my wife as a mother’s day gift.

We also had an old table stored in the basement. Both of these items were perfect fits for this project.

The lace top on this table was handmade by my wife’s grandmother, and it gives the table that extra homey touch.

So with this option we didn’t spend any money at all. The table was in great shape and only needed cleaned up, and the photo quilt was a gift

Dining area wall shelf and candle holder

Here a simple wall shelf and candle holder was the perfect accent for our dinning area wall. Another no cost area we decorated, as we already had the shelf and candle holder. I did look on-line to see what the recommended height of the shelf should be from the floor. I found 48″ as a recommended height, but that seemed too low, so from the floor to the top of my shelf is 63″ which seems perfect to us.

Another Simple Wall Shelf

Another simple wall shelf made a perfect accent to our living room wall. This is another shelf that we already had, except it was a mahogany finish. So I sanded it with some fine sandpaper, and painted it to match the wall. Notice how we display a picture and candles on the shelf.

All together we spent $0.00 adding some accents to our walls. Before you spend any money on wall decor, look around your house to see what you already have, you may be surprised at what you find.If you don’t have anything you could still add some wonderful accents without spending a lot of money. Pictures are another great idea to add to your walls. If you shop smart, you can find some pretty inexpensive picture frames.

Wall clocks are a great idea for a wall decor, there are many to choose form. At least you’ll always know what time it is.

There are many choices in vinyl peel and stick wall decals, form contempory to exotic. These are especially popular in children’s rooms.

Find more wall decor ideas here: Wall Decor




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