I Love My Dog and My Dog Loves Me!

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Dog harnessWalking a dog should be a joy and a good way to get some exercise for you and for your pet. It should not be a pull and push match between the two of you!

Choke collars, prong collars (not nice at all) and any other type of collar that sits at your dog’s neck, will hinder your dog’s ability to walk nicely, without stressing him/her out!

If you don’t believe me then listen to what some dog owners and people who are in the “KNOW” have to say about this type of harness compared to a choke collar:

Harnesses are a wonderful way to walk your dog. He will be comfortable and not at all feeling choked by his lead. If I were the dog, I would certainly want this kind of a harness instead of something grabbing me by my throat. I love my dog, and choking him in order to have him walk is not my idea of showing him how much I care!
No-Choke No-Pull Front-Leading Dog Harnesses, Sport Edition, Sizes From 3 to 113 Kilograms, 9 Colors

With a harness type restraint, you still have control of your animal, but you also have a certain amount of comfort for your best friend while you are out and about too! This kind of harness has been shown to be much better for not only walking your dog, but also for training him to walk at your heel. The dog will respond much easier when not being choked!
Rogz 5/8-Inch Snake Reflective Dog Step-in Harness, Small to Medium Adjustable, Blue

I like this harness in particular because not only does it look really fashionable, but it is reflective, so that your evening walks are still done in a safe way. I had been known to take my “Kalla” out while still light outside, only to find that time went by quicker than I had thought and it was dark by the time we got home. So that added bit of security was really helpful and welcome.

This Blue color looked really good on him too! He was a white Samoyed, so he was really sporting quite the dapper harness. I liked that he could step into it too so his legs once in the harness would be free to walk, run or just mosey on down the path at whatever pace we decided on for the evening stroll. Add a long or retractable leash to the harness and you have Doggie Heaven, or the nearest thing to it. Your Dog will know that he/she is the King or Queen of your castle without a doubt!
Flexi Neon Reflect Retractable Cord Dog Leash, 16-Feet, Small, Black/Neon Yellow

Without a doubt, if and when I have another dog, this will be one of the first things I will train him to use. And like “Kalla” I’m sure the new pet will be as happy walking and looking dapper all at the same time.

Have you ever used a “Dog Harness”? My bet is that once you try it, you will never go back to the old choke type collar and lead.



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