Don’t Lose Your Holiday Photos

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Don’t Lose Your Holiday Photos

As someone who takes a lot of photos I worry about the memory card failing that is in my device I’m using such as my smart phone or my camera; maybe even my tablet.

Then one day it happened.

I inserted my card into my laptop and there was totally nothing on the card. I lost over 600+ photos. I was a bit freaked over that. Luckily my brother-in-law shared with me a program that I could use to recover them.

I didn’t even have to buy it; it is a FREE program online.

You can buy it as well with more features but the free version is all you need!

So I downloaded it and sure enough I recovered all my photos and even videos I had on the card. I was truly amazed.


Because of my experience I want to share that program and a tutorial of how to use it. The program is called Recuva. It really does recover your photos and then some!

You can read more about it here.


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. Good thing you were able to recover your lost photos! Recuva sounds like a great recovery system if needed.

  2. Great information to have Cheryl. Thanks so much for sharing it. I bet most of us have had losses. Off to download now.

  3. What a great program! I can only imagine how horrible you must have felt when your photos were lost — and awesome that you were able to recover them! Thanks for sharing this program; it’s very helpful.

  4. I didn’t know anything like that was available Cheryl! Hopefully I’ll never need it but I’ll save this just in case I ever have a problem. Thanks so much for sharing. :0)

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