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Graduating high school a long time ago was expensive with all of proms and activities. Not to burden my parents with the expense, I took it upon my self to earn the money needed to pay for all this myself.

While explaining my thoughts to a friend of mine, his dad overheard us and suggested that we hire ourselves out to wash walls, as it was spring cleaning time. We started with a couple of our relatives, and soon word of mouth took over and we were doing more and more.

All you really need to get started is a bucket, some rags, a ladder or step stool, and some cleaner. Pictured here you see Mr. Clean, this works well or you could use Spic and Span. All of the start up items are really easy to come by, now all you need is some customers.

Money Wash Walls sm

I washed walls not only in high school but a few times while I was out of work, by placing a classified ad in the newspaper. With today’s social media, you can use Face-book, Twitter, or e-mail to get the word out. Your ad should be as simple as “Walls Washed Free Estimates” and then your contact information, most likely today that would be your cell phone number.

Pricing is not difficult at all, below is an example of pricing:

Living Rooms, Family Rooms $50.00
Small bedrooms $30.00
Kitchen, Bathrooms $20.00
Hallways $15.00

Extras would include: windows, kitchen cabinets, ceiling fans, shelving, closets, and high ceilings.

Some other considerations in your pricing are:

Moving and replacing the furniture
Check the type of paint on the walls, as flat paint is much more difficult to clean.

Be sure you specify these items up front or you may end up with a lot more work than what you’re getting paid for.

How much does it cost today to clean walls and ceilings? The National average is:

Most homeowners spend between $172.00 to $312.00 to have their walls and ceilings cleaned. Do your homework and some research on today’s pricing for this kind of work, there are many online resources.

If you are not afraid of a little work there is money to be made washing walls. You may even consider starting a small cleaning business.

I recommend that you do your homework. There are many books on starting a small business, and in your area there should be a Small Business Association that will offer you assistance. I can’t stress enough to use these resources.




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  1. When I worked housekeeping at a motel the boss owned rental property. He did pay me pretty darn well to go in and clean the walls and ceilings of his rental houses.
    Sometimes I did more such as cleaning the appliances and such too.

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