Want an Easy Way to Shampoo Your Own Carpet?

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Want an Easy Way to Shampoo Your Own Carpet?

This time of year, between the rain and dirt, the floors and the carpet tend to need more attention. Actually post holidays they usually do anyway.

For me that usually meant paying someone $100 plus to come out and shampoo it for me several times a year, or renting a big unruly machine myself, hauling it to and from the store, and doing it myself. That didn’t sound so overwhelming when I was younger. It wasn’t as difficult when our home was a single story either.

Living in a two story now, I wanted an easier solution. So I started my research. In our household I see mostly spots. Drips for coffee that spilled, or something like that. What I needed was a small machine that would be easy to grab and use when I needed it, without the full big machine.

What I found was the portable BISSELL SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner, 1719

I still love it. I love that is it rechargable. I don’t always keep it plugged in, but when I know I need to do some cleaning soon, I plug it in.

Within hours it is ready to use, cord free.

I do prefer cordless products when available and if they have enough power. The little Bissell will run about fifteen minutes. Nearly always longer than I need at one time.

You can read my full review of this handy, efficient little machine right here

It does an excellent, impressive job. All you have to do is push the button to spray the cleaner while you hold it over the spot. Let it set a few minutes, then use the brush on the bottom to rub the spot. After that pressure on the front of the machine draws the water out of the carpet. There have been very few spots it didn’t remove. Usually a second shot gets them in that case.

Perhaps the best part of this little carpet cleaner is that it is about the same size as a dust buster, the little mini vacuum that has been around for years. So it’s really easy to lift, carry, handle and clean. Storage is simple too since it is so small.

I bet I use mine about once a month. It paid for itself the first time I didn’t have to rent a machine or pay someone to come out. Definitely a worthwhile investment to me.




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